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Dyslexia is a commonly misunderstood learning disability that has far-reaching effects on children who suffer from this disability. Dyslexia doesn't just affect a child's reading and writing abilities; it can affect everyday skills and activities such as social skills, memory, listening comprehension and time management.

Every child with this disorder needs a personalized strategy to help him or her receive an appropriate education. Our dedicated lawyers know disagreements over the proper methodology to teach a student, and the concern over budgeting, result in conflict. Our job is to find a common ground for appropriate placements for children who suffer learning disabilities.

Get The Individualized Services Your Child Needs For A Meaningful Education

We guide parents through every stage of resolving special education problems and disputes. We work with educational consultants who can identify appropriate placements and help craft effective special education services for your child.

We understand the importance of education. Our goal is to obtain results to improve your child's access to an appropriate education efficiently and effectively.

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