Lynnfield Attorney For Children With Physical Or Emotional Disabilities

Federal and state laws protect children with disabilities to ensure each student receives a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment. Unfortunately, schools do not always abide by the laws due to a lack of diligence or reluctance to follow the law due to budget constraints. The Law Office of Colonna & Doyle provides zealous advocacy and caring guidance for parents of children with disabilities in special education and disability matters.

Accommodations For Students With Physical Disabilities

Anti-discrimination laws require schools to make accommodations for children with physical disabilities to ensure they have access to educational services. For instance, classes held on higher floors in a school may be inaccessible for a child who uses a wheelchair. We help parents ensure their children have access to the academic opportunities to which they are entitled.

Services For Children With Disabilities Impacting Emotional, Social And Intellectual Development

When a disability adversely impacts a child's emotional, social or intellectual development in school, special education programs are vital to ensure the child has access to a meaningful education. A special education program must take a holistic approach to allow children with emotional and intellectual disabilities to participate in academic and social development.

Parents have the right to work with the school to create an Individualized Education Program (IEP), tailored to the specific needs of the child. An IEP sets academic goals and outlines educational services to allow the child to thrive in the classroom. However, in crafting an IEP under the holistic approach, due attention must be given to addressing potential behavioral intervention procedures and the child's access to activities to allow social development. A caring special education lawyer from Colonna & Doyle can help you to ensure your child's IEP is designed to meet his or her needs.

Pursuant to IDEA, each school must afford children with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in all school activities.

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