Lynnfield Head And Neck Injury Attorneys

A neck or head injury can be life-altering for accident victims and their families. The head and neck are particularly vulnerable in any kind of accident. While the skull is designed to protect the brain, the forces involved in a car accident, a slip and fall, sports-related contact or workplace accidents can leave accident victims with a wide range of head and neck injuries. The impact of an accident can cause significant injury, even when symptoms are delayed. Symptoms of a concussion may take days to fully develop. Getting treatment as soon as possible after an accident is important.

Experience You Can Trust

The Law Office of Colonna & Doyle in Lynnfield, Massachusetts, provides comprehensive legal representation for accident victims, with vast experience in personal injury and workers' compensation claims. Our lawyers have nearly 100 years of combined experience as vigorous advocates for our clients. If you or a loved one has suffered head and neck injuries in an accident involving the negligence of another, or in an accident in the workplace, we are here to help you and your family put your lives back together.

Frequently, the head and neck are forced forward or backward in an accident. Any impact to the head can cause traumatic brain injury. The rapid movement of the head can cause the brain to impact the inside of the skull resulting in injury. At the same time, the muscles, soft tissue and the vertebrae in the neck can suffer significant harm. Injuries to the neck can include whiplash, disk herniation or ruptures, compaction of the spinal cord and even paralysis. The compassionate attorneys at Colonna & Doyle are committed to providing goal-oriented legal representation to effectively serve the well-being of accident victims and their families.

Obtain Justice For Your Head And Neck Injuries

We are driven to obtaining justice against negligent individuals or entities that cause accidents. When you work with our lawyers, we work tirelessly to uncover the relevant details to build a compelling case. We draw on years of experience and connections with accident reconstructionists, medical professionals and physical rehabilitation professionals to determine the cause of the accident, the extent of injury and the short- and long-term medical cost of care to help protect the rights of clients. We forcefully negotiate with the insurance companies and have no fear in taking a case to trial, when necessary.

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