Traumatic Brain Injury

Memory Loss, Chronic Pain, Cognitive Impairment

The Law Office of Colonna & Doyle represents clients suffering from catastrophic head or brain injuries sustained in accidents caused by the negligence of others. In order to provide the requisite amount of investigation and expert witness resources needed, our attorneys are highly selective in regard to the cases we take.

Committed to ensuring each brain injury case receives the attention it needs and deserves, we consult neurologists, accident reconstructionists, economists, life-care planners, and other experts in investigating the causes of an accident and the scope of our client's brain injury. We consider costs associated with surgery, physical therapy, in-home care, medical equipment, and lost earnings projected across the life span of a brain injury victim.

We have the experience and resources needed to handle complicated, difficult cases involving traumatic brain injury cases. For more information regarding our practice, contact traumatic brain injury attorneys at Colonna & Doyle today. We represent clients throughout the North Shore of Massachusetts, including the communities of Burlington, Peabody and Woburn.

Head Injuries, Brain Injuries, Negligence, TBI Liability

The personal injury attorneys at Colonna & Doyle represent brain injury victims injured in accidents involving the following:

Establishing the Costs of a Brain Injury

Insurance companies are interested in challenging and downplaying costs associated with brain injuries. However, cost data exists pertaining to monthly and annual costs associated with different kinds of brain stem injury, anoxic brain injury, toxic brain injury, and coma. In order to establish the costs facing our client, our Burlington traumatic brain injury attorneys work with nationally recognized medical experts, economists, and life-care planners. We establish the scope of your injuries, how they impact your ability to function and work, and what will be needed to treat your condition in the future.

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