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We help with misdiagnosis and other acts of medical malpractice

While everybody makes mistakes, some people's mistakes have more ramifications than others. A doctor's mistake can be severe if a patient is injured or killed as a result of it. While doctors are not expected to be perfect, they are expected to perform up to a minimum standard of care. If they do not, and a patient is injured as a result, then the patient or their family may have a cause of action against the doctor for medical malpractice.

Misdiagnosis as leading reason for medical malpractice claims

In the popular mind, severing the wrong limb or leaving a surgical instrument in the patient are probably the two most common stereotypes of medical malpractice. Two recent studies by insurance companies that insure physicians against malpractice claims provide information that rebuts these stereotypes. In fact, both studies found that mistaken diagnosis and not some form of erroneous procedure is the leading reason for medical malpractice claims.

Kidney removed from wrong patient; lawsuit follows

Anyone who has recently received medical care from a variety of health care providers has been asked to provide a birth date and middle name. This practice can become tiresome, especially if the information must be provided several times on the same day. A recent case in Boston in which the critical identifying information was not requested shows how important this tiresome process can become.

Massachusetts nursing home cited for poor patient care

Many Massachusetts residents look to nursing homes as places of refuge and supporting care. Unfortunately, not all nursing homes deliver on this promise. The Sweet Brook Rehabilitation & Nursing Center in Williamstown, Massachusetts has recently been cited by both former patients and government regulatory officials as failing to provide adequate care to residents.

Can a Netflix documentary shed light on medical mistakes?

When a doctor prescribes a medicine to a patient in Massachusetts, the patient often asks a number of questions about the side effects of the drug and how it can impact their life. This is despite the fact that medicine is often thoroughly tested in humans and tightly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. In order to be approved, manufacturers need to compile data and get approval from a panel of FDA scientists. Only then does a medicine go on the market and even then people are highly skeptical of it.

Know the procedure before filing a medical malpractice suit

When Massachusetts residents approach a doctor for a diagnosis and treatment, they often forget that doctors are only human. Medical professionals are capable of making mistakes just like anyone else, but a surgical error or doctor error has the potential to ruin the life of the person who came to the doctor for help. When a patient walks away from their medical experience with a worsened medical condition, they may be able to file a medical malpractice case against the negligent medical professionals involved.

The basics of a medical malpractice claim

Each year, thousands of Americans are injured or subjected to a worsened medical condition due to medical malpractice committed by doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Massachusetts is not immune to these occurrences. When medical malpractice occurs, Massachusetts residents need to know the steps necessary to pursue legal action in hopes of recovering compensation for their damages.

Woman pinned by vehicle in tragic crash near her building

When a loved one is lost suddenly and through no fault of their own, it is difficult for family members to come to terms with their loss. One way to get closure is to hold the party responsible for causing the car crash accountable. But, when there are multiple vehicles involved in the car accident, it can prove to be challenging, as each party can claim it was the other's fault.

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