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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

Motorcyclist injured when ladder falls from truck

Motorcyclists in the Boston area are usually aware of the hazards that they face while they are riding on city streets and Interstate highways, but those hazards are usually posed by other vehicles. Colliding with an automobile or truck can expose a motorcyclist to very serious injury. Trucks with open beds, such as pickup trucks, pose an additional risk if their contents are not adequately secured. A recent accident apparently caused by an unsecured load in the back of a pickup truck has inflicted serious injury on a motorcycle rider.

Motorcycle accident kills parents of three

Motorists often forget that they are not driving the only objects on the road -- they are sharing the road with motorcyclists. Unfortunately, by overlooking them, motorists endanger a motorcyclist's life while taking turns or switching lanes. As a result, drivers and motorcyclists can suffer serious injuries.

What type of injury is common after a motorcycle crash?

Though all crashes are tragic, no two accidents are the same, in that the events that lead up to the accident and the subsequent injuries differ from situation to situation. However, the National Highway Transport Safety Administration has highlighted a couple of similarities between motorcycle crashes in an attempt to raise awareness about these issues to reduce the number of accidents.

Some surprising motorcycle accident statistics

With spring in the air, it may come as no surprise to Massachusetts' residents that May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Though it may seem to motorists that motorcycles are suddenly everywhere, the reality is that they only accounted for three percent of all registered vehicles on the road in 2016 and amount to only .7 percent of all miles traveled in the country.

Multiple vehicles involved in fatal motorcycle accident

Conditions on Massachusetts roads can change in a heartbeat and when drivers are careful and cautious accidents can often be avoided. Unfortunately, in some cases serious and even deadly collisions occur despite the best efforts of some involved. Recently a fatal accident occurred in Waymouth and a Massachusetts motorcyclist lost their life.

What are some common causes of motorcycle accidents?

Even those Massachusetts' residents who do not have motorbikes have to admit-when they see a motorcyclist going down the road in front of them, the wind in their hair and the world at their feet, a little part of them wishes they were also on that bike. With the few summer months finally upon us, it is common to see motorcyclists on the road, enjoying the weather and avoiding the traffic when possible.

Wrong-way driver causes Massachusetts motorcycle accident

Motorcycle season is upon us. With the warmer weather will come more Massachusetts residents turning to their motorcycles as a way to unwind after work and on the weekend, take a quick trip to run an errand, or even replace their normal methods of commuting to school or work. Regardless of the reason why an individual chooses to ride a bike, it is important that he or she is aware of the risks. These motorists need to ensure that they are driving as defensively as possible, because other motorists may suffer from motorcycle unawareness. This, and other forms of negligence, can result in a tragic motorcycle accident that leaves a wake of destruction, injury, and death.

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