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Teenager thrown from pickup and seriously injured

Pickup trucks are attractive vehicles for teenagers. They provide promise of adventure and excitement, but too often, the promise that is fulfilled is serious injury. The open box on a pickup is often used to carry passengers who have no restraint system to protect them from wild or erratic driving. The hazards of using a pickup truck for joy riding was demonstrated by a truck accident that caused serious injuries to a resident of Lowell, Mass.

Two truck accidents cover sections of I-495 with packages

When Massachusetts residents hear about a truck accident, they usually wonder if anyone was hurt and how serious were the injuries. Damage to the cargo carried by a truck is often overlooked. Two recent truck accidents involving vehicles carrying packages appear not to have caused any serious physical injuries, but somewhere between 400 and 1,000 packages were scattered across different parts of I-495. Many of the packages appear to have been damaged by the collisions.

Man changing flat tire killed by plow-equipped pickup truck

The tires on today's cars and trucks are well-made and seldom lose air unless they suffer a puncture. Nevertheless, most drivers in Massachusetts have suffered at least one flat tire while driving on a busy road. Changing the tire under those circumstances can be very dangerous, as a recent truck accident in Easton demonstrated.

Big rig roll-over kills driver, seriously injures another

Anyone who travels Massachusetts' modern highway system with any frequency sees a large number of semi-trailer trucks hauling many different kinds of loads, from building materials to machinery to liquids. These vehicles travel at high speeds and often pose a hazard to other drivers. A recent truck accident on Highway 24 near Fall River appears to have been caused by the rollover of a semi-trailer tanker truck.

Protections for truck accident victims

Truck accidents can result in catastrophic injuries and death so it is important for victims and their families to be familiar with the legal rights and remedies available to them. Legal options can help victims address the damages and difficulties they face following a truck accident such as the physical, financial and emotional damages they have suffered.

Sleep apnea can cause truck driver fatigue

Truck drivers keep the country's economy rolling along with their wheels, but at what cost to both themselves and other motorists on the road? According to a University of Pennsylvania study that has been cited by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, around one-third of truckers are living with a sleep disorder that could affect their ability to remain vigilant on the road.

Federal rest rules are designed to prevent truck driver fatigue

As previous posts on this blog have discussed, truck driver fatigue is a serious concern in Massachusetts. While it is never a good idea for any driver to try to operate a vehicle while too tired to do so, it is particularly dangerous among truckers since the size of a large commercial vehicle is so much greater than that of a passenger car.

Establishing negligence in a truck accident case

Semi-trucks and other "big rigs" are fairly prevalent on the roads of Massachusetts. Our readers are probably encountering these large vehicles on the roads every day, in their commutes to work, school or as they run other errands. It is important for Massachusetts residents to understand the awesome destructive power of these large vehicles and, if the worst happens and truck accident occurs, how to establish negligence in a truck accident lawsuit.

Vicarious liability and truck accidents

Massachusetts' drivers often share the roadways with different sized vehicles, but all vehicles must respect the rules of the road, regardless of their size. This includes big rigs and 18-wheel trucks that often cross state lines carrying people and freight with disturbing speed. Size disparity means that a motorist or motorcyclist involved in a crash with a truck is more likely to be severely injured than the truck driver.

Fatigued truck driver claimed he was fired for taking a break

Much has been said numerous times about the effect of having a fatigued truck driver on the roadways in Massachusetts as well as the rest of the country. When a truck driver is tired and drowsy, he or she is more likely to fail to see a vehicle approaching them in their blind spot or the motorcyclist traveling along side them. They may end up running a red light or stop sign, striking a pedestrian and causing fatal injuries in the process. This is why multiple laws, both at the state and federal level, exist to prevent truck drivers from driving a certain number of hours without taking a rest break. These laws are in place to encourage drivers to act responsibly, but the result of a certain case may end up discouraging them from taking those breaks.

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