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Workers' compensation for disfigurement, loss of functions

No one expects to be injured on the job, but it nonetheless happens. And it happens a lot. Those who have suffered workplace injuries are often concerned about their ability to work and, perhaps more importantly, their ability to stay afloat financially. Foregoing a wage for an extended period of time can rock a family's financial foundation, oftentimes causing them to struggle to make ends meet.

Workers have a number of rights with regard to safety

For many Massachusetts residents, much of their day is spent at work. Regardless of one's profession, certain dangers are posed. With this in mind, our local, state and federal governments have implemented laws and regulations in an attempt to ensure workplace safety. However, when employers fail to adhere to these rules, serious injuries and death can result. When workers suffer a workplace injury, they may be able to recover workers' compensation.

Massachusetts scaffolding accident leads to OSHA investigation

With the day-in, day-out routines Massachusetts residents regularly find ourselves in, they rarely, if ever, fully consider the dangers present around them. This is true whether we are driving, working or enjoying a nice meal out. Most of the time, our days conclude without incident. Sometimes though, negligence on the part of others cause serious accidents that leave Massachusetts' residents severely harmed.

Our MA legal team stands up to workers' compensation insurers

Our last post on the blog discussed conciliation and how it may be a favorable route for Massachusetts residents seeking a workers' compensation settlement. Conciliation may save you a significant amount of time, and the process may be less adversarial. However, as mentioned last week, it is critical that Massachusetts residents do not enter into conciliation without fully knowing your legal rights and the amount of compensation to which you are entitled.

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