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Is there a liquor liability law in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts residents may not be aware that the state has what is known as a Dram Shop Law. This means that it is illegal to serve or sell alcohol to anyone who is already intoxicated. But, who does this apply to and how can it be used to hold someone liable for violating it?

Stricter drunk driving laws could reduce crashes

According to data available in 2016 for Massachusetts, there are 119 deaths annually that can be attributed to drunk driving. This accounts for around 31 percent of all traffic fatalities in Massachusetts. This could be one of the reasons that Mothers Against Drunk Driving ranked the state as the 36th worst state in the country for how it handles drunk driving accidents and prevention.

Automobile-bike crash results in serious injuries

For some, it does not matter how warm or cold it is outside, they will still ride their bicycle. While this mode of transportation could be used for fun, exercise or a primary source of transportation, it is important that cyclists understand how to travel safely on the roads. Even when a person is equipped with the knowledge to ride a bicycle safely on or near a road, this does not protect them from negligent drivers.

The link between fault and rear-end accidents

Though the term car accident is commonly used to refer to all types of collisions, in reality there are different types of crashes that could possibly have different legal ramifications. For example, rear-end collisions carry the assumption that the person who hit the car from the back is the driver who is at fault. But this assumption does not mean that the case is clear-cut.

Drivers underestimate link between crashes and drowsy driving

Campaigns against drunk driving and texting while driving have raised awareness about the dangers associated with these activities, but there is a lack of awareness about the risks involved with drowsy driving in younger drivers. According to most students in the small group surveyed by researchers, drowsy driving was considered less risky from a legal perspective, as compared to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or medications.

Understanding fault in a Massachusetts car accident

Though the term 'fault' is brandied out quite a bit when discussing culpability in a car accident, the reality is that this term has a legal meaning and it is important to understand the concept in order to figure out legal liability and compensation in a personal injury suit.

Teenager dies in fatal car crash

Losing a loved one in a sudden car crash is devastating for family members. This is especially true if the car accident victim was a young vibrant child who was expected to live a long healthy life. Family members are frustrated by the sudden turn of events and often want answers and justice. Why did the negligent or reckless driver behave in such a manner that they caused a fatal accident?

What laws are in place against texting and driving?

Social awareness campaigns have been widely successful in demonstrating the effects of engaging in risky behavior while driving. For example, drinking and driving campaigns, especially near the time prom is going on, have created awareness about the increase in alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents. However, despite the many signs pointing to the dangers of texting and driving, it is alarming that not only are people still engaging in this behavior, but that it also is not out rightly banned in states across the nation, including Massachusetts.

How can I prove pain and suffering after a car crash?

When Massachusetts's residents leave their homes in their vehicles each morning, the last thing they think may happen to them is getting involved in an accident. Many believe if they are careful drivers, adhering to traffic rules, there is little to no chance of being involved in a crash. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. It is not possible to control someone else's behavior on the road, and often, someone else's negligence causes a crash that suddenly leaves a healthy person seriously injured.

Why are there more crashes in the summer?

School has been out for some time, and Massachusetts' drivers may have noticed that there are more cars on the road, especially those vehicles driven by teenagers. Now that they no longer spend their days in school and afternoons studying, teenagers are out and about enjoying their summer vacation. This means that not only are there more cars on the road, it also means there are relatively inexperienced drivers behind the wheel going on unfamiliar routes. This can cause car accidents-in fact accident numbers spike during the timeframe from Memorial Day to Labor Day, known as the 100 deadliest days of summer for teens.

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