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Can failure to detect a stroke be medical malpractice?

The human body can sometimes be difficult to decipher. This is particularly true when an individual experiences symptoms that may be applicable to more than one medical condition. This is where doctors can be extremely helpful, as their extensive education and experience leave them better suited to make diagnoses than non-medically trained individuals. Tragically, however, even these medical professionals make mistakes, and an error in diagnosis could prove harmful or even fatal. One circumstance in which a misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose can arise is when an individual has suffered a stroke.

What tests are conducted to detect lung cancer?

It does not take a doctor to know that diseases can vary in severity. It also does not take a medical professional to know that for many diseases, early diagnosis is key to effective and successful treatment. It does, however, take a medical professional to spot signs of a disease, order and conduct the proper tests, accurately read and analyze those tests and make a final and correct diagnosis. Far too often, though, doctors fail to properly perform their duties and the results can be deadly.

Can Massachusetts residents be hurt by anesthesia errors?

Modern day medicine, in comparison to the medical world of 100 years ago, is nothing short of miraculous. X-rays can help Massachusetts doctors see broken bones, CAT scans can give a better view of internal organs and surgical robots can make surgeries less intrusive. Though these medical advances are beneficial for the vast majority of patients, they are not without their dangers, and those who are wrongly hurt should not be forgotten.

Steps taken by the FDA to prevent medication errors

At some point in our lives, most of us will need to take a prescription drug. These medications can be extremely beneficial, helping fight infection, disease, and ease pain. In some instances, taking the right medication can mean the difference between life and death. It is therefore critically important that doctors, nurses, and pharmacists take care when prescribing, fulfilling, and administering prescription medications.

Protecting and helping families affected by birth injury

Medical professionals are expected to know what they are doing, and to do it well. That is why doctors have to go through years of extensive learning and immersive training. However, despite how much training a doctor receives or how great his or her reputation, mistakes can still occur that can cause unsuspecting individuals serious harm.

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