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Workers' compensation process requires great representation

Our last blog post discussed times when your workers' compensation benefits can be reduced. This is just one of a whole host of problems that can arise during the workers' compensation recovery process. Everything from an initial denial to complications during appeal and cessation of benefits occur far too often, leaving Massachusetts' residents stranded financially, not knowing where to turn.

When can my workers' compensation benefits be reduced?

Worker's compensation can be a real life-saver. Injured workers may struggle to survive financially when injured on the job, and workers' compensation can help cover lost wages and medical expenses. Yet, the workers' compensation system in Massachusetts is very complicated. Fully understanding it can be difficult, but is imperative to ensure individuals are receiving the fullest compensation to which they are entitled.

Can I receive workers' compensation for disfigurement?

Yes, you can. Massachusetts law allows individuals who have been disfigured by a workplace injury or illness to recover a one-time payment. However, in order to recover compensation for this injury, the worker must show that he or she has suffered disfigurement or scarring to his or her hands, neck, or face. The recoverable amount is dependent upon the severity of the scarring or disfigurement. Additionally, it is important to note that this recovery in independent from any recovery for medical expenses and/or lost wages.

How quickly can I get my workers' compensation benefits in MA?

As with the answer to most legal question, it depends. Typically, your employer will not forward your workers' compensation claim to its insurance company until you have been unable to earn full wages for five days, due to an on-the-job injury. However, once those five days have passed, then your employer has seven days to report the situation to its insurance company. These seven days do not include holidays or Sundays. Once the insurance company receives notice of the injury, it then has 14 days to send your first check or deny the claim. If the claim is denied, then the insurance company must state why.

Massachusetts construction worker dies after falling on the job

Construction is dangerous work. Those who earn their living by performing duties in this field are often exposed to numerous hazards, including extreme heights and heavy machinery, which can cause a serious work-related injury or death. Those who are injured on the job, or a family who loses a loved on to a workplace accident, can be left with severe physical, emotional and financial harm.

Massachusetts workers injured while renovating bridge

We all see road construction underway this time of year, but not everyone recognizes just how dangerous this work can be for those who choose it as a profession. These individuals are often exposed to speeding vehicles, hot, heavy and pinching machinery, and substantial heights. Though rules and regulations are in place in an effort to keep these workers safe, workplace accidents still occur. If an individual is injured on the job, then he or she may have a difficult time ahead of him or her.

Workplace accident leaves Massachusetts man with serious injuries

Working with heavy machinery can be dangerous. One Massachusetts worker had to learn this the hard way after he suffered leg-crushing injuries when skid loader he was operating contacted a dump truck. The public works employee was crushed behind the loader's controls, and it took firefighters nearly 20 minutes to free him from the vehicle. Though the employee's injuries are considered non-life-threatening, that does not mean that they are not life-altering.

New statistics released for Massachusetts work-related injuries

A worker's life should not be put at risk simply for him or her to earn a living. For this reason, safety regulations, equipment and systems, as well as extensive training, should be abided by and provided in an attempt to keep workers safe. Sadly, though, many employers fail to implement the appropriate safety measures. As a result, more than 50,000 hard-working Americans die a year due to work-related injuries and illnesses.

Two Massachusetts workers killed when crane falls

Some jobs in Massachusetts require workers to operate at extreme heights. Construction workers, for example, often conduct their job duties on roofs and scaffolding. When an accident occurs, employees may suffer a work-related injury. In the worst cases, a worker can be killed.

Roof collapse causes several work-related injuries

Three Massachusetts workers were recently injured in a construction accident. According to reports, a roof fell inside the 33-story building where they were working, causing several floors to fall on top of one another in a chain reaction. There were 120 employees inside the building when the incident occurred, and, luckily, the three who were injured suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. Yet, this does not mean their injuries are not serious. One victim suffered a head injury, one injured his wrist and the third victim suffered minor injuries - specifics about the minor injuries are unknown. OSHA is investigating the accident.

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