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Law Office of Colonna & Doyle and Simeola & Simeola PC are pleased to announce a merger of the two law practices which will continue the general practice of law under the firm name of Law Office of Colonna, Doyle & Simeola.

Law Office of Colonna & Doyle and Simeola & Simeola PC are pleased to announce a merger of the two law practices which will continue the general practice of law under the firm name of Law Office of Colonna, Doyle & Simeola.

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Case Results

Workers’ Compensation
Injury: Left Shoulder & Right Knee Injury
Combined settlement $245,000.00

Employee was out of work due to both injuries without pay and medicals were not paid by Workers’ Compensation. The Employee’s workers compensation claim was lump summed and settled for $245,000. Attorney Doyle negotiated over the phone for both injuries to be accepted as part of the settlement so that all past and future medicals related to the injuries would be paid in full by the Workers’ Compensation carrier.

Workers’ Compensation
Injury: Left Shoulder Injury
Settlement $75,000.00

Employee was injured while pulling a tow cable and sustained a left shoulder injury. The Employee’s workers compensation claim was lump summed and settled for $75,000.00. The left shoulder injury is accepted as part of the settlement so that all future medicals will be paid related to the injury.

Workers’ Compensation
And Third Party Claim
Injury: Rotator Cuff Tear
Combined settlement $247,218.78

Employee injured himself when a mechanical lift fell on the operator of the lift. The employee deadlifted the lift off the operator to free him and sustained an injury to his rotator cuff and bicep, leaving him with an upper extremity impairment of 5% and a whole body impairment of 3%.

The Employee’s workers compensation claim was lump summed and settled for $67,000. Attorney Doyle settled the 3rd Party Claim at mediation for $180,000.

Car Accident
Injury: Disc Herniation
Settlement $99,000.00

The Plaintiff was in a rear-end collision and sustained a non-surgical disc herniation as a result of the motor vehicle crash.

Attorney Doyle settled short of a lawsuit by telephone negotiations.

Automobile Accident
Injury: exacerbation of a preexisting heart condition
Settlement $50,000.00

The Plaintiff had an existing condition prior to his car crash. The trauma of the collision caused him to go into atrial fibrillation requiring an overnight stay at the hospital. He suffered soft tissue injuries with conservative treatment. Attorney William P. Doyle III settled this claim by telephone negotiations for the $50,000.00 policy limit.

Slip and Fall Accident
Injury: left humeral shaft fracture
Settlement $85,000.00

The Plaintiff slipped and fell at an automotive garage and sustained a fracture to his left wrist that was surgically repaired and healed via physical therapy.

Attorney Doyle settled with the insurance company for $85,000.00.

Worker’s Compensation
Injury: Emotional Distress

Employee worked for Employer for 27 years. Toward the end of the employee’s tenure employee alleged hostile work conditions causing emotional distress. Employer encountered all of its actions were reasonable and normal job actions.

Attorney Doyle filed a claim and prior to Conference was able to resolve the matter for $150,000.00.

Slip & Fall Accident

Plaintiff slipped and fell on snow and ice sustaining a concussion and fractured ankle necessitating surgery. Defendant denied liability, Attorney Doyle filed a lawsuit. This case was in litigation for approximately 3 years both parties agreed to mediate the matter.

Attorney Bill Doyle resolved this claim for $150,000 prior to trial.

Industrial Accident, Third Party Settlement and Social Security Disability Claim
$45,000.00 – Workers’ Compensation Settlement
$370,000.00 – Third Party Settlement

While working as an office worker an Employee sustained a severe concussion when a bathroom window fell on her head. As a result of this incident Employee retired at 46 years old. The Workers’ Compensation claim settled for $45,000.00 with the insurer responsible to pay all future medical bills related to her sustained injury. Furthermore, Attorney Bill Doyle effectively attained Social Security Disability benefits for Employee via a Social Security hearing.

Attorney Doyle successfully pursued a claim against the third party management company responsible for maintaining the window that caused her injury. After intense litigation Attorney Doyle was able to obtain a $370,000.00 settlement.

Industrial Accident

While working as an electrician our 69 year old client sustained a torn rotator cuff. Employee elected to treat injury conservatively and elected to retire from his job. After extensive negotiations the case was settled for $98,712.90. In addition to the lump sum settlement the insurer agreed to pay for all reasonable and necessary medical treatment relating to the rotator cuff injury.

Industrial Accident and Third Party Claim
$150,000.00 – Workers’ Compensation Settlement
$100,000.00 – Third Party Settlement

Employee/Plaintiff was rear-ended while working her second job as a visiting nurse and sustained a back injury. She missed six months of work while having conservative treatment. Ultimately, the employee returned to her first job with restrictions and was unable to return to her second job. After several months of negotiations Attorney Bill Doyle resolved her workers’ compensation claim for $150,000.00 which included acceptance of all future medical treatment to Employee’s injured body parts. In addition to the lump sum worker’s compensation settlement, Attorney Doyle successfully settled the third party claim against the Defendant for the $100,000.00 policy limit.

Pharmaceutical Error: Improperly Mixed Medication

The Plaintiff, a nineteen year old man, had a slightly hypoactive thyroid and was prescribed 10mcg of a medication that required compounding. The compound created by the Defendant contained 1000mcg rather than the 10mcg originally prescribed. Plaintiff sustained a hyperactive thyroid and a heart attack. Plaintiff was hospitalized for 10 days and released home. Plaintiff accrued approximately $70,000.00 in medical bills

After litigating, Attorney Bill Doyle settled at Mediation and the Defendant agreed to pay $800,000.00.

Wrongful Death: Home Health Care Agency

The Plaintiff, an elderly woman hired a home health aide service to care for her while living at home. She developed a bed sore that was found and examined by home health aide who reported it to the agency. The Home Health Care Agency failed to take the proper steps to protect the Plaintiff and notify the family members. The pressure sore evolved into a serious infection resulting in sepsis, ultimately causing the Plaintiff’s wrongful death. The Defendant argued they were hired to provide homemaker services and not medical care.

Litigating the claim, Attorney Bill Doyle and the Defendant agreed to settle for $320,000.00 at Mediation.

Slip & Fall Defective Steps

Plaintiff a sixty-nine year old gentleman tripped and fell down stairs at his apartment complex. Plaintiff had complained to his landlord over a period of several years concerning the decrepit condition of the stairs and railing. Plaintiff suffered numerous injuries to multiple body parts. Plaintiff had conservative treatment and ultimately needed a right knee replacement.

After several months of telephone negotiations the Defendant’s insurer agreed to pay $325,000.00.

Work Related Injury

Employee is a 51 year old truck driver working for a hardware store. He sustained a low back injury to L-4, L-5 herniated disc while performing heavy labor. Employee attempted to treat this injury conservatively but this was not successful. Ultimately a surgery was necessary. Employee has rehabbed and cleared to return to work with some restriction.

After brief litigation the Defendant’s insurer agreed to pay $117,000.00 and agreed to pay for any future medical treatment necessary for the lower back.

Pharmaceutical Error: Improperly mixed medication, 4 month old baby

Plaintiff, a four month old baby was born with a heart arrhythmia and was prescribed a flecainide compound medication to control his condition. The medication prescribed needed to be custom mixed by a compounding pharmacist. The Plaintiff’s prescription was mixed up to ten times the prescribed dose. The Plaintiff’s mother administered the medication as prescribed, by an oral syringe specially made for infants. Plaintiff was hospitalized for 2 months, suffering from a stroke, heart attack and brain injury as a result of taking the improperly mixed medication. The Plaintiff accrued approximately $350,000.00 in medical bills.

Attorney Bill Doyle negotiated this case by telephone, after several months of negotiation the Defendant’s insurer agreed to pay the pharmacists policy limits of $2,000,000.00. The Plaintiff currently is a year old, discontinued use of all medications and is undergoing early intervention.

Liquor Liability: Dram Shop

The Plaintiff was seriously injured when he became grossly intoxicated at a private bar he was a due paying member. Prior to the accident the two bartenders who served him had visited him at an alcohol rehabilitation center. The Plaintiff left the premises and went to a local pond with two girls via motor vehicle. The Plaintiff in an extremely intoxicated state dove into pond, fracturing his neck. Plaintiff was rendered a quadriplegic.

The burden was on the Plaintiff to prove willful, wanton and reckless conduct by the Defendant. Both sides agreed to mediate, after the first mediation the case did not settle but both parties agreed. After a second mediation the case settled for $1,500,000.00.

Wrongful Death: Automobile Accident

The Plaintiffs were husband and wife traveling as passengers in an automobile that went through a red light causing a collision. The wife deceased due to crush injuries and the husband survived with serious multiple injuries.

The Defendant’s insurer offered $1,300,000.00 by telephone negotiations.

Out of State: Motorcycle Crash resulting in Amputation

The Plaintiff was traveling on a main road (out of state) when Defendant pulled out of driveway. Both sides had conflicting expert reports as to the cause of the collision. Plaintiff sustained lower leg injury necessitating below the knee amputation after brief hospitalization. Despite the severity of the injury, Plaintiff did not lose time from work and had full mobility with his prosthetic leg within six weeks post accident.

After lengthy negotiations a settlement of $600,000.00 was reached at mediation.

Medical Malpractice Claim

The Plaintiff went to a hospital on the North Shore to have her gall bladder removed by laparoscopic surgery. During the surgery the surgeon accidentally cut the Plaintiff’s bile duct necessitating a repair. The surgeon attempted a repair he had never done before. Three days later the Plaintiff was transferred to a Boston Hospital.

The case settled one week prior to trial. The Plaintiff accepted the insurer’s settlement of $500,000.00.

Social Host Liability: Dram Shop: Automobile Accident

The Plaintiff was seriously injured in an automobile accident when struck by an intoxicated operator of a motor vehicle who swerved into his lane. Prior to the accident the Defendant, the intoxicated operator was served alcoholic beverages at a house party and then stopped at a bar for one drink. A lawsuit was filed against the intoxicated driver, the host of the house party, and the owner of the bar. The Plaintiff sustained a fractured pelvis and a crush injury to his ankle.

Prior to trial this case was brought to mediation. The insurer for the intoxicated operator tendered the policy limit of $25,000.00, the insurer for the homeowner tendered the policy limit of $100,000.00, and the insurer for the bar offered $130,000.00. The Plaintiff received a total of $255,000.00.

Motor Vehicle Accident: Truck Accident on Route 93

The plaintiff was operating a four door sedan and the defendant was operating a tractor trailer on Route 93 North. While the plaintiff was driving straight in her lane of traffic the tractor trailer misjudged a lane change causing a collision with the plaintiff.

The plaintiff suffered multiple soft tissue injuries and a rotator cuff tear necessitating surgery. Negotiations began by phone with the insurance company. This case was finalized when brought to mediation and settlement was reached at $200,000.00. The mediator opined “tremendous results” on a torn rotator cuff.

Motor Vehicle Accident: Spinal Fusion

Plaintiff a self-employed contractor was clipped in the rear by the Defendant totaling Plaintiff’s vehicle. Plaintiff sustained a herniated disc necessitating fusion surgery. Plaintiff accrued approximately $50,000 in medical bills and missed approximately eight months of work.

A lawsuit was filed and after several years of litigation the matter was settled for $215,000 prior to trial.

Wrongful Death: Pedestrian (decedent) dropped off by a bus in a non-designated area

The decedent was dropped off at an area that was not designated for “bus drop off”. The decedent was a pedestrian accompanied by her husband and friends. The pedestrian was struck by an oncoming vehicle and suffered immediate crush injuries causing her death.

Attorney Bill Doyle pursued the bus company for the wrongful death of his plaintiff, the decedent. He argued the bus company breached their duty of care when dropping off the plaintiff in a non-designated area, further he argued the bus company has a duty to assure passenger safety while driving and dropping off their passengers.

This case settled at mediation prior to trial for $163,000.00.

Industrial Accident / Workers’ Compensation

On May 30, 2009 Employee tore rotator cuff when lifting heavy object at work. Conservative treatment of physical therapy failed, cortisone injections provided temporary relief, necessitating surgery. The results precluded Employee from returning to his physically demanding job.

Subsequently, Employee applied for and was approved for Social Security. After several months of negotiations Employer’s insurer and Employee’s counsel agreed to lump sum settle the case for $160,000.00. In addition to paying the lump sum settlement the Employer’s insurer is responsible for all reasonable and related future medical treatment related to the torn rotator cuff. The settlement was tailored as to minimize any effect on Employee’s monthly social security benefits and to protect any eligible pension benefits.

Industrial Accident / Workers’ Compensation

On October 4, 2009 Employee injured left knee when he tripped over a gate catch. Conservative treatment of physical therapy failed and cortisone injections provided temporary relief. Subsequently Employee required two surgeries to repair his left knee. The results precluded Employee from returning to his physically demanding job.

Subsequently, Employee is enrolled in a vocational rehabilitation program to obtain skills for reemployment in work force paid by insurer. After several months of negotiations insurer and Employee’s counsel agreed to lump sum settle the case for $145,000. In addition to paying the lump sum settlement the Employer’s insurer is responsible for all future related medical treatment to the left knee.

Motor Vehicle Accident: Torn Rotator Cuff

The Plaintiff was injured in a chain reaction collision. He suffered from a torn rotator cuff to his right shoulder. The Plaintiff’s injury necessitated surgery.

The case settled prior to filing a lawsuit for $110,000.00.

Car Accident in Malden, Massachusetts

The Plaintiff made a right turn from the right lane when an 18 wheeler truck made the same turn from the left lane, pinning the Plaintiff’s vehicle between the truck and a utility pole. The Plaintiff suffered a rotator cuff tear, non-surgical injury. Treatment consisted of physical therapy and steroid injections.

A settlement of $75,000.00 was reached via telephone negotiations.

Slip and Fall: Due to a defect or want of repair in a parking lot

The plaintiff had just parked her vehicle and was walking towards a store in a strip mall when she fell due to a defect. The defect that caused her to fall was a hole in the parking lot asphalt. The plaintiff suffered a fractured wrist and underwent rehabilitation for her injury. Our argument was based on the duty a landlord owes to maintain his premises in a reasonable safe condition.

The case settled by negotiations over the phone at $65,000.00.

Scalia v. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

>Attorney Doyle argued this case on behalf of the Plaintiff in front of the Massachusetts Appeals Court on February 15, 1995. The Defendant Liberty Mutual Insurance Company appealed an unfavorable lower court opinion. The issue in this case was whether live expert medical testimony is required to rebut the opinion of an expert opinion rendered in writing on behalf of the insurance company regarding the issue of reasonable and necessary medical treatment. The lower court opined that medical records certified under the appropriate statute and the testimony of the plaintiff was enough to establish the standard of reasonable and necessary medical treatment thus not requiring the live testimony of a medical expert. Both sides submitted written briefs and made oral arguments.

On May 10, 1995 the Massachusetts Appeals Court wrote an opinion supporting Attorney Doyle’s position.

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