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What Compensation Is Available For Your Spinal Cord Injury?

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The cost of a spinal cord injury involves hospitalization, surgery, physical therapy, in-home care, and lost wages. For these reasons, it’s essential to recover damages proportional to the scope of your injuries. At the personal injury Law Office of Colonna & Doyle, we understand what you are facing.

If an accident has left you or a family member with crushed vertebrae, a fractured spine, a herniated disc, or a broken back, contact our office in Lynnfield today. We represent personal injury and workers’ compensation clients throughout the North Shore of Massachusetts, including the communities of Burlington, Peabody and Woburn.

Negligence, Accidents, and Spinal Cord Injuries

Our personal injury attorneys recover financial damages for people suffering from spinal cord injuries due to many types of accidents, including the following:

Structured Settlements, Trusts, and Other Options for Spine and Back Injuries

In cases where a spinal cord injury involves paraplegia or quadriplegia, providing for long-term care is important. Consequently, you may want to consider certain advantages associated with a structured settlement or special needs trust. In both cases there are tax considerations and issues related to Medicaid eligibility that should be discussed and incorporated into any final decision regarding how an award or settlement will be handled.

our attorneys work closely with medical economists, medical experts, and vocational trainers in determining the costs and long-term effects of spinal cord injuries. Using established, known costs related to spinal cord injuries, we provide thorough cost-projections of your injury, demanding nothing less than an award or settlement proportional to your actual injuries.Our attorneys can explain the financial, tax, and legal issues involved and help you create a special needs trust or structured settlement that works best for you and your family.

We Have The Experience To Help

We also have the experience and access to resources needed to investigate the cause of an accident when insurance companies try to shift blame onto you, the injury victim. In construction and work-related accidents, we expose OSHA and other safety violations, while in car accidents we reconstruct what happened and hold negligent car and truck drivers liable.

If you are suffering from a serious back injury, contact the spinal cord injuries attorneys at Colonna & Doyle by calling 781-667-2658  or sending an email to schedule a free appointment to discuss your case.

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