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You Deserve Financial Relief For Your Back And Spine Injury

Your back is made up of a complex array of muscles, connecting tissues, nerves and bones, including the vertebrae that make up the spine. The spinal column is surrounded by muscles, ligaments and tendons. Within the column is an array of bones, disks and the spinal cord. The forces involved in an accident can harm any, or all, of these components of the back, leading to debilitating pain and lengthy physical recovery periods.

The back and spinal cord injury attorneys at the Law Office of Colonna & Doyle in Lynnfield are passionate about helping people who have suffered back injuries due to the negligence of another recover maximum compensation to cover lost wages, medical costs and damages for pain and suffering.

Helping You To Recover From Your Injury Financially And Physically

Accidents can cause many types of injuries to the neck and back. We have been helping clients since 1995 and have seen countless back injuries. Among the most common back injuries we see are:

Many individuals who suffer back pain in the aftermath of an accident try relieving the pain with medications or chiropractic care. However, more serious injuries may be the source of the pain. If you are suffering back pain due to an accident, it is crucial for you to seek medical care to determine the full extent of your injury.

Building A Case For You

We understand how back and spine injuries can impact every aspect of your life. We work with medical professionals, chiropractors and rehabilitation specialists to build a compelling case to maximize compensation for our clients. Preparing for trial requires analysis of every detail about the short- and long-term medical attention you will need to fully protect your rights. We diligently address the cause of the accident to protect your right to recover under the standards of Massachusetts negligence law. When necessary, we work with accident reconstructionists to battle the insurance companies whose top priority is to minimize their costs — at your expense.

When you work with Colonna & Doyle, you are working with accessible lawyers who will stand by your side every step of the way. We work tirelessly to negotiate a fair settlement to allow our clients to return to stability. Our attorneys do not fear taking a case to trial when necessary to guard the rights of our clients.

Get A Free Consultation To Discuss Your Accident

To arrange a no-obligation, free consultation with an experienced trial-proven lawyer in Lynnfield, contact us online or call 781-667-2658. We represent accident victims throughout the North Shore area of Massachusetts.

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