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Motorcycle accident kills parents of three

Motorists often forget that they are not driving the only objects on the road -- they are sharing the road with motorcyclists. Unfortunately, by overlooking them, motorists endanger a motorcyclist's life while taking turns or switching lanes. As a result, drivers and motorcyclists can suffer serious injuries.

Can a Netflix documentary shed light on medical mistakes?

When a doctor prescribes a medicine to a patient in Massachusetts, the patient often asks a number of questions about the side effects of the drug and how it can impact their life. This is despite the fact that medicine is often thoroughly tested in humans and tightly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. In order to be approved, manufacturers need to compile data and get approval from a panel of FDA scientists. Only then does a medicine go on the market and even then people are highly skeptical of it.

One dead, four injured in fatal DUI car crash

Losing someone in a fatal traffic accident can be devastating for family members, and nothing can quantify what they have lost or replace it. Many questions arise after someone dies suddenly due to another person's fault, especially if the driver responsible for causing the car crash was driving under the influence of alcohol. Getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is a decision made by the driver that ends up endangering the lives of everyone on the road at the time.

Commercial truck accidents can have devastating results

If you suffered injuries or lost a loved one in a collision with a commercial truck, you know just how devastating these accidents can be. Semitrailers are monster machines. Their sheer size and weight can crush standard motor vehicles in an instant. The losses suffered in such truck accidents cannot be understated. They can be life changing.

In Massachusetts, accidents involving semitrailers and other types of commercial vehicles are an all too common occurrence. When they do happen, victims or -- in the event of fatality -- their surviving family members want to know who is to blame and who is going to cover the resulting damages.

Know the procedure before filing a medical malpractice suit

When Massachusetts residents approach a doctor for a diagnosis and treatment, they often forget that doctors are only human. Medical professionals are capable of making mistakes just like anyone else, but a surgical error or doctor error has the potential to ruin the life of the person who came to the doctor for help. When a patient walks away from their medical experience with a worsened medical condition, they may be able to file a medical malpractice case against the negligent medical professionals involved.

Federal rest rules are designed to prevent truck driver fatigue

As previous posts on this blog have discussed, truck driver fatigue is a serious concern in Massachusetts. While it is never a good idea for any driver to try to operate a vehicle while too tired to do so, it is particularly dangerous among truckers since the size of a large commercial vehicle is so much greater than that of a passenger car.

Given this size difference, involving fatigued drivers tend to be quite serious, leaving average residents of Salem who may have been traveling on Interstate 95 seriously injured or even dead.

Don't let a catastrophic injury go uncompensated

Nothing can do undo the pain, trauma and loss that is suffered in the aftermath of a motor vehicle wreck. This is why many accident victims in Massachusetts may feel there is no point in pursuing a claim against the party who either was responsible for causing or irresponsible for not preventing the accident. What they don't realize is that an accident and subsequent injuries causes a number of expenses that were not foreseen and can turn their lives around.

Medical bills are just one type of expense that is associated with a car accident. Physical therapy and medication are related expenses as well. Many people can either not work in the short or even long run, or return to the same type of work they were performing previously. This means their income is affected at the very time they probably need it the most. Additionally, the property damage related to the car crash can also add up to a significant amount, and insurance premiums often also go up as a result.

What do I do after I am injured in a workplace accident?

Putting on a brave face after an injury is common among many people, including Massachusetts' residents. The injured person tries to take it in their stride and move on. Though this might seem like a good idea at the time, failing to take essential steps after a workplace accident could have serious legal repercussions that many people don't realize.

When someone is injured on the job, the first step they should take, and as soon as possible, is to inform one's supervisor. It is best to do so in writing and to keep copies of all correspondence going forward. Though the law regarding the method of notification varies from state to state, having it written out is the safest bet. After this, the employer notifies the Department of Industrial Accidents and an insurance company of the injury, thus initiating the workers' compensation process.

New law includes cancer as work-related injury

In a welcome move, the governor of Massachusetts signed a law that would designate cancer as a work-related injury for firefighters across the state. Under the new law, medical treatment costs for firefighters will be covered, along with the time they have missed because of their illness.

When a worker is injured on the job during the course of their employment, they become eligible to receive workers' compensation benefits that could cover medical costs and lost wages. However, the work-related injury or illness must be one that is covered by workers' compensation coverage. If an illness is not covered, as cancer previously was not, then the worker would be forced to take personal or sick days for treatment, get run off the payroll and likely lose the job that would have caused the illness in the first place.

Beware the dangers of summer driving in Massachusetts

Thousands of tourists flock to Massachusetts in summer. You yourself may enjoy traveling to other parts of the state from where you normally reside. Between tourists, motor vehicles, bicyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians, roadways are dangerous places, especially in June, July and August. Many children are on vacation from school, which also poses added risk with kids running into streets to chase balls that have rolled away and other issues.

The question is: If another person causes you or your loved one to suffer injury, why should you bear the financial burden associated with the situation? The good news is that, if you know what type of danger lurks on Massachusetts roadways in summer, you may be able to avoid a collision. It's also good to know that, if you do become a victim of a negligent driver, there are support systems in place to help you seek a full recovery.

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