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Back pain after a crash deserves treatment, not easy fixes

Our body is a complex maze of tissues, muscles, nerves and bones that works together, mostly seamlessly. It performs basic functions, such as walking, talking and more complex ones, like working on a math equation. When a Massachusetts injury wreaks havoc on the body, it can disrupt the body's natural working, either temporarily or permanently, and leave a person struggling to perform basic tasks they did without blinking an eyelid previously.

What lessons did the limousine company learn after tragic crash?

Massachusetts residents may have heard about the limousine accident that claimed 20 lives in another state, as it made national news. It also highlighted the lack of oversight in the limousine industry and the lack of driver training. And, limo company officials are taking note of consumer interest in their businesses.

Are only work-site injuries covered by workers' comp?

Since workers' compensation covers work-related injuries, many Massachusetts' residents may be under the impression it only covers injuries sustained while physically at work-those injuries incurred while in an office or at a construction site. What if a worker was injured while driving the company car to work or while at a work-related function-does workers' compensation cover these injuries?

Recognizing signs that your loved one is in distress

When you send a loved to live in a Massachusetts nursing home, you likely do so with the assumption that he or she will be safe and receive adequate care. However, that does not always happen, and innocent patients and residents may suffer. It may be beneficial for your family to learn the signs of possible nursing home abuse or neglect.

Victims of various forms of neglect in nursing homes are often reluctant to speak out on the mistreatment they are receiving. They may feel ashamed or confused, or your loved one simply may not want to bother you. If you notice signs that something is wrong, however, you can take steps to protect your loved one and get him or her appropriate care. 

What's the link between fatigue and doctor errors?

Television shows glamorize the lives medical professionals lead and often sideline a very real side effect of being a doctor or surgeon -- burnout. A national survey demonstrated that more than half of doctors surveyed are burned out and those doctors are more likely to make mistakes. Massachusetts residents may be surprised to hear that of the 6,700 clinic and hospital physicians surveyed about medical errors and workplace depression and burnout, more than 10 percent revealed that they had committed at least one significant medical mistake in the three months preceding the survey.

Can being injured on the job lead to opioid deaths?

There are several reasons workplace safety is important, including the most obvious explanation -- that keeping workplace injuries as low as possible ensures employees are protected. But even when workers are aware of the type of dangers they might face in the workplace, they may not even know about one dangerous occupational hazard: opioid deaths.

Seeking compensation after a car accident in Salem

As mentioned in last week's post, the aftermath of a car accident in Massachusetts can wreak havoc on the lives of surviving accident victims and their loved ones. Fortunately, it is possible to pursue compensation for the emotional and physical costs associated with being involved in a car accident through a personal injury lawsuit.

Car accident results in teen's death

A young life holds with it a lot of promise. Parents look forward to watching their children grow up, begin their careers and live up to their potential. While loved ones think of it as an emotional reward, there is no doubt that there is a financial potential that children can live up to as well. This is why when a young life is snatched away from their parents due to someone else's negligence, both the emotional and financial loss can be calculated in the compensation being sought from the errant driver responsible for the car accident.

You may face more hazards on the job than you think

No matter how long you have held your current job, you could face serious hazards every day. You may not think too much about any risks or potential for illness or injury because you do not work directly with machinery or on sites that pose obvious threats. However, you could still end up injured on the job.

Your employer has a duty to ensure your safety and well-being and that of your co-workers while at work. This means that he or she should pay attention to the various hazards your workplace could present. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration outlines five types of work-related hazards that need addressing.

Sleep apnea can cause truck driver fatigue

Truck drivers keep the country's economy rolling along with their wheels, but at what cost to both themselves and other motorists on the road? According to a University of Pennsylvania study that has been cited by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, around one-third of truckers are living with a sleep disorder that could affect their ability to remain vigilant on the road.

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