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Did The Wrong Label Or Dosage On Your Prescription Injure You?

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Medication mislabeling that results in the wrong dose being administered is a prescription error that can often be prevented. Pharmacists or the dispensing agent should be double-checking the order when filling it and, once again, before handing it over to a patient.

This type of diligence is essential because many types of medications are quite dangerous and when a pharmacist breaches the acceptable standard duty of care, you can collect compensation for the harm you have suffered. The lawyers at the Law Office of Colonna & Doyle can help you pursue a claim for the injuries and harm you have suffered. We are here to help people throughout Massachusetts who have a right to collect compensation when medical malpractice occurs, including pharmaceutical errors.

Pharmacists Have A Duty Of Care

Although pharmacies have drug utilization edits (DUR edits) at the point of sale that should alert pharmacists to dangerous drug interactions when people are on multiple medications, the technicians who work for them do not always check these or the pharmacist does not check with the prescribing doctor when there is an alert. Additionally, a pharmacist should check each script to ensure it is accurate, including the right dose and prescribed dosing regimen. Any of these failings can have catastrophic, and even fatal, consequences.

If your pharmacist and his or her staff have failed in their duty to you, they have committed pharmaceutical negligence. Our knowledgeable attorneys will investigate your claim with attention to detail, bringing on medical experts to establish your claim. Our small-firm service and big-firm results mean that you can rely on us for aggressive advocacy until your case is resolved, whether by settlement or verdict at trial.

We Will Stand Up For You

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