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Law Office of Colonna & Doyle and Simeola & Simeola PC are pleased to announce a merger of the two law practices which will continue the general practice of law under the firm name of Law Office of Colonna, Doyle & Simeola.

Law Office of Colonna & Doyle and Simeola & Simeola PC are pleased to announce a merger of the two law practices which will continue the general practice of law under the firm name of Law Office of Colonna, Doyle & Simeola.

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Understand Your Benefits After A Workplace Injury

If you have been injured in an accident on the job, you have rights under Massachusetts’ workers’ compensation laws. Whether you were injured while driving a company vehicle, on a construction site or in an office, you can claim certain benefits. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you. The attorneys at the Law Office of Colonna, Doyle & Simeola in Lynnfield have nearly 100 years of combined experience protecting the rights of clients throughout Massachusetts.

Understanding Workplace Accidents And Injuries

Our workers’ compensation practice is devoted to effectively guiding clients through the steps to take to obtain workers’ compensation benefits and fighting for the rights of injured workers in obtaining benefits across the spectrum of workplace injuries, including:

  • Accidents on construction sites – Work in the construction industry is physically demanding. Many construction sites are teeming with workers from multiple companies. We provide full-service injury representation for workers injured on construction sites. Our workers’ comp and personal injury lawyers will fully evaluate your unique circumstances to provide comprehensive representation to maximize your recovery.
  • Injuries due to repeat motion – Many workers suffer injury over time. Gradual aches and pains are often misconstrued as a cost of working in a demanding job. Repetitive motions can damage joints, tendons, nerves and muscles, leading to debilitating injury. A work-related repetitive stress injury may be compensable. Let us help you get the benefits you need to recover from your job-related injury.
  • Carpal tunnel injuries – In today’s electronic age, more and more workers suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, one of the more well-known repeat motion injuries. Carpal tunnel is associated with loss of strength in the hands, pain in the wrist and tingling in the fingers that can impact every aspect of your life. We have helped countless people in metro Boston and the North Shore obtain benefits for carpal tunnel injuries.
  • Stress and anxiety in the workplace – Psychological injuries suffered due to extreme events in the workplace may entitle you to workers’ compensation benefits for medical expenses and lost wages. The rules related to stress and anxiety in the workplace are commanding. Our experienced lawyers will evaluate your unique circumstances and explain your legal options.
  • Rotator cuff injuries – The shoulder and rotator cuff are susceptible to injury from repetitive motions involving lifting, reaching and similar workplace activities, as well as in sudden accidents. Pain and loss of strength in the shoulder can affect your day-to-day life, as well as adversely impact your ability to work. We help clients maximize compensation for injuries to the shoulder in work-related events.
  • Knee injuries – An injury to the knee may require surgery, rehabilitation and other forms of medical care. Loss of mobility from torn ligaments, damage to the knee joint or injury to the muscles and tendons in the knee can be long-lasting. We are dedicated to helping injured workers obtain the compensation they deserve for any form of work-related injury, including damage to the knee.

These are just a few examples of the types of injuries we commonly see. We can help with many types of accidents and injuries, however. Whatever injury you have suffered, call us to discuss how we can assist you in receiving the benefits you deserve.

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