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When A Prescription Error Threatens Your Health And Safety

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Prescription errors can happen in any number of ways and be committed by all types of medical staff. From a doctor’s illegible handwriting to a nurse not double-checking a dosage to a pharmacist or one of his or her technicians not filling or mixing an order properly, there is now a heightened awareness on the part of patients to make sure they are receiving exactly what they need.

However, mistakes still happen and the burden is on the health care providers in Massachusetts to ensure that safety is still the number-one priority and all necessary precautions are taken to prevent prescription errors. If your health and safety has been threatened by a prescription error, you may have a cause of action to collect compensation for the harm you incur. At the Law Office of Colonna & Doyle, we are here to help you achieve that needed compensation as well as hold the negligent parties responsible for their actions. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you during a free consultation at our office in Lynnfield.

Doctor Errors With Prescriptions

Our  attorneys have experience pursuing cases against doctors and other medical staff who commit the following infractions:

  • Prescribing the wrong medication
  • Writing down an incorrect dosage
  • Failing to take a proper history that accounts for allergies or other prescriptions
  • Prescribing a medicine that is contra-indicated based on other medications you are already taking
  • Failing to advise a patient of the potential risks, side effects and efficacy of the drug
  • Not keeping current on new drugs, recalls and if the generic is as effective as the brand name
  • Recommending an off-label use that is not generally accepted

Pharmacy Mistakes and Compound Pharmacist Mistakes

Our lawyers also have experience handling cases of pharmaceutical negligence such as:

  • Providing the wrong dosage or medication
  • Mislabeling
  • Not advising the patient of potential side effects
  • Failing to recognize when multiple prescriptions being recommended are contra-indicated and consulting with the doctor in these instances
  • Error in mixing medications
  • Compounding errors

We also represent people who have been injured due to the wrong drug being mailed to them from a prescription benefits management company mail order pharmacy that your health insurer may use to fill your orders.

No matter what the circumstances, you should consult with one of our lawyers to learn more about your legal rights and options. With our small-firm service, but big-firm results, you can be assured you will receive the personalized service you need in these situations and that we have the skills and resources to help you achieve your goals.

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