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August 2017 Archives

What laws are in place against texting and driving?

Social awareness campaigns have been widely successful in demonstrating the effects of engaging in risky behavior while driving. For example, drinking and driving campaigns, especially near the time prom is going on, have created awareness about the increase in alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents. However, despite the many signs pointing to the dangers of texting and driving, it is alarming that not only are people still engaging in this behavior, but that it also is not out rightly banned in states across the nation, including Massachusetts.

How can I prove pain and suffering after a car crash?

When Massachusetts's residents leave their homes in their vehicles each morning, the last thing they think may happen to them is getting involved in an accident. Many believe if they are careful drivers, adhering to traffic rules, there is little to no chance of being involved in a crash. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. It is not possible to control someone else's behavior on the road, and often, someone else's negligence causes a crash that suddenly leaves a healthy person seriously injured.

How often do surgeon errors take place?

When Massachusetts' residents hear the term 'never event', it would be fair to assume it is something that never happens, as the name implies. In a medical context, this term refers to events that are particularly shocking and should have never happen in the first place. Unfortunately, these events do end up happening to a startling amount of patients. In fact, one example of a never event, leaving something inside a patient during a procedure, happens in one out of every 1,000-1,500 intraabdominal surgeries.

Working with you to prove negligence in a truck accident

As mentioned in last week's post, truck and big rigs play an important role in our economy. In fact, many believe they are a strong component of a burgeoning economy, which is why truck drivers are often pushed to drive faster and for longer hours. Many criticize the lack of tight regulation on trucking companies and the fact that truckers are often driving while fatigued, drowsy or sick. All of these factors end up becoming a recipe for truck accidents.

How is negligence shown in MA truck accident?

Commercial vehicles, especially 'big-rig' or 'tractor-trailer' trucks play a vital role in the economy of the Commonwealth and the country. The use of these vehicles to transport not only finished products, but also the raw materials and parts that are used in manufacturing keep the chain of production running smoothly. However, the importance of commercial trucks does not render them immune to the same rules all others who use the public roadways must follow. In fact, because of their capacity to do harm, a reasonable truck driver may be required to adhere to higher safety standards than an average driver.

Restaurant negligence can be recipe for disaster

If you're one of many busy Massachusetts residents, you may not get many opportunities to dine out with loved ones or friends. When you're finally able to break away for a bit of rest and relaxation, you may anticipate visiting your favorite local restaurant as eagerly as children await Christmas morning. On the other hand, rather than stick within your usual traditions, you may decide to try a new restaurant you've been hearing about at work.

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