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September 2018 Archives

You may face more hazards on the job than you think

No matter how long you have held your current job, you could face serious hazards every day. You may not think too much about any risks or potential for illness or injury because you do not work directly with machinery or on sites that pose obvious threats. However, you could still end up injured on the job.

Sleep apnea can cause truck driver fatigue

Truck drivers keep the country's economy rolling along with their wheels, but at what cost to both themselves and other motorists on the road? According to a University of Pennsylvania study that has been cited by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, around one-third of truckers are living with a sleep disorder that could affect their ability to remain vigilant on the road.

Motorcycle accident kills parents of three

Motorists often forget that they are not driving the only objects on the road -- they are sharing the road with motorcyclists. Unfortunately, by overlooking them, motorists endanger a motorcyclist's life while taking turns or switching lanes. As a result, drivers and motorcyclists can suffer serious injuries.

Can a Netflix documentary shed light on medical mistakes?

When a doctor prescribes a medicine to a patient in Massachusetts, the patient often asks a number of questions about the side effects of the drug and how it can impact their life. This is despite the fact that medicine is often thoroughly tested in humans and tightly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. In order to be approved, manufacturers need to compile data and get approval from a panel of FDA scientists. Only then does a medicine go on the market and even then people are highly skeptical of it.

One dead, four injured in fatal DUI car crash

Losing someone in a fatal traffic accident can be devastating for family members, and nothing can quantify what they have lost or replace it. Many questions arise after someone dies suddenly due to another person's fault, especially if the driver responsible for causing the car crash was driving under the influence of alcohol. Getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is a decision made by the driver that ends up endangering the lives of everyone on the road at the time.

Commercial truck accidents can have devastating results

If you suffered injuries or lost a loved one in a collision with a commercial truck, you know just how devastating these accidents can be. Semitrailers are monster machines. Their sheer size and weight can crush standard motor vehicles in an instant. The losses suffered in such truck accidents cannot be understated. They can be life changing.

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