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April 2019 Archives

Seven kids injured when charter buses collide

Field trips for school children are intended to be both entertaining and educational. They are not supposed to end with multiple injuries. Some field trips, unfortunately, end in tragedy or near tragedy and send more than a few children to the hospital. A collision of two charter buses near Duxbury avoided profound tragedy but still managed to cause injuries to seven children and one adult.

Serious injuries on the rise in construction and transportation

New technology and research are making many aspects of our lives safer than ever. From crash-prevention technology to a better understanding of how the human body works, these innovations help prevent accidents and illnesses of all kinds. Unfortunately, these improved safety measures do not appear to be translating into certain industries where are a large number of workers still suffer serious injuries.

Motorcyclist injured when ladder falls from truck

Motorcyclists in the Boston area are usually aware of the hazards that they face while they are riding on city streets and Interstate highways, but those hazards are usually posed by other vehicles. Colliding with an automobile or truck can expose a motorcyclist to very serious injury. Trucks with open beds, such as pickup trucks, pose an additional risk if their contents are not adequately secured. A recent accident apparently caused by an unsecured load in the back of a pickup truck has inflicted serious injury on a motorcycle rider.

Appealing the denial of a workers' compensation claim

Any Massachusetts worker who suffers an injury or illness whose cause is related to the worker's occupation can obtain benefits through the state's workers' compensation system. Unfortunately, some claims are disputed by the employer and are totally denied or granted only in part. If a person's claim is denied by the employer or the employer's workers' compensation insurer, the employee has the right to appeal this decision and seek its reversal. An employer also has the right to seek a modification or cancellation of the award.

Two truck accidents cover sections of I-495 with packages

When Massachusetts residents hear about a truck accident, they usually wonder if anyone was hurt and how serious were the injuries. Damage to the cargo carried by a truck is often overlooked. Two recent truck accidents involving vehicles carrying packages appear not to have caused any serious physical injuries, but somewhere between 400 and 1,000 packages were scattered across different parts of I-495. Many of the packages appear to have been damaged by the collisions.

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