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November 2017 Archives

Crowd management to avoid workplace injuries is boss's duty

As mentioned previously on this blog space, it is an employer's responsibility to create a safe working environment for all employees at all times, regardless of the type of workspace. One time an ordinarily safe working place can become unsafe is when a big sale or event is advertised and expected to attract a lot of customers in a store. At this, workers unprepared to deal with the crowd could sustain crush injuries.

The relationship between age and workplace accident injuries

As Massachusetts workers grow older, they may find that completing the same task requires more physical effort than before or that they are unable to react as quickly as they were able to previously. In fact, one survey found that 36 percent of older Americans surveyed claimed that it was more difficult now to complete the physical requirements of their job than it was before. This is a part of aging-one's vision grows weaker, hearing gets impaired and agility and cognitive abilities also get affected. This puts elderly Americans at a higher risk of getting injured on the job.

How can I find out what caused a worsened medical condition?

When something goes wrong, it is natural to want answers-what happened and how did it happen? Unfortunately, the answers to these questions are not forthcoming when it comes to resolving mistakes made in the medical field. When someone's condition is worsened due to a medical professional's negligence, they often find themselves facing a white wall of silence-medical professionals hiding behind hospitals who do not provide answers.

Employers must take steps to prevent construction site accidents

Working at a construction site is considered an inherently dangerous job-workers are more likely to fall, get hit by falling objects or electrocuted, than most other jobs. Many of the risks associated with the workplace have been identified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and they publish standards so that employers can take the steps necessary to create a safe working environment and reduce construction workers' accidents.

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