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February 2019 Archives

Construction worker dies in on-site accident in Salem

As many residents of Salem are aware, construction work can be very dangerous. On-site accidents can cause serious and permanent disability and even death. A recent accident on a construction site in Salem took the life of a construction worker who was apparently standing in the wrong place at the wrong time.

How to report elder abuse

Senior citizens deserve our respect and our protection. Aging can bring certain difficulties with it, making older people susceptible to poor treatment or even abuse. The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that 10 percent of seniors suffer abuse of some kind. This abuse could be physical, but it also includes abuse that is sexual, emotional, psychological, or financial. Another less thought of form is neglect from another person or even from the senior him or herself.

Family of woman killed by flying manhole cover seeks damages

Manhole covers are one of the most unobtrusive and least visible elements of highway construction, but even these heavy disks can pose a deadly hazard if they are not properly maintained. The father and brother of a Milton art teacher recently commenced a law suit to recover wrongful death damages based on the failure to properly inspect and maintain manhole covers on I-93.

Man changing flat tire killed by plow-equipped pickup truck

The tires on today's cars and trucks are well-made and seldom lose air unless they suffer a puncture. Nevertheless, most drivers in Massachusetts have suffered at least one flat tire while driving on a busy road. Changing the tire under those circumstances can be very dangerous, as a recent truck accident in Easton demonstrated.

Kidney removed from wrong patient; lawsuit follows

Anyone who has recently received medical care from a variety of health care providers has been asked to provide a birth date and middle name. This practice can become tiresome, especially if the information must be provided several times on the same day. A recent case in Boston in which the critical identifying information was not requested shows how important this tiresome process can become.

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