Student pedestrian hit by truck in Waltham, dies from injuries

Pedestrian accidents are often serious and can sometimes lead to permanent injuries or death. A pedestrian accident in Waltham last week led to the death of a Bentley University graduate student. The 23-year-old woman, struck by a pickup truck, died from injuries she suffered in the accident.

The incident occurred on Beaver Street, near No. 385. A news report stated that the area of road where the incident took place was a frequent crossing point for students. A pedestrian bridge for students and other pedestrians was built over the roadway at the place where the truck accident took place. A photo of the crash site showed that there was not a crosswalk at that particular location.

The 23-year-old woman, a native of China, received CPR from by-passers immediately after she was hit by the truck. She was taken first to Newton-Wellesley Hospital and then transferred to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, when the serious nature of her injuries became apparent. She succumbed to her personal injuries at the Boston hospital.

A Bentley University spokesperson mentioned that family in China had been notified and that travel arrangements are being made for them to travel to the United States.

Massachusetts laws regarding pedestrian right-of-way in crosswalks is clear, and signs are frequently posted informing drivers of their requirement to yield to those in a crosswalk. The 23-year-old student was not in a cross walk, and thus it is unclear whether the driver may be held liable for her injuries, unless he was negligent in some manner. He was reported as not being noticeably under the influence of drugs or alcohol. No mention was made of speeding or other factors.

An investigation is underway.

Source: Waltham News Tribune, “Woman dies after being hit by truck in Waltham,” March 16, 2012


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