Motorcycle crash in Wilbraham is fatal

The driver school adage of “watch out for the other guy” may be even truer for motorcyclists than for automobile drivers. Due to lack of physical protection, the driver of a motorcycle is inherently more vulnerable to injury, should an accident occur.

A motorcycle accident occurred in Massachusetts, according to news sources, which was fatal for the motorcyclist and was without any reported injury for the driver of the motor vehicle also involved in the crash.

The accident was reported to have occurred in Wilbraham on a Saturday around 1:00 p.m. near Boston Road and Railroad Avenue. The motorcyclist was apparently driving east on Boston Road when the westbound vehicle attempted a left hand turn into a parking lot. The crash occurred in the eastbound lane.

When the car and vehicle collided, the motorcycle driver was thrown approximately 40 feet. The man had life-threatening injuries and received treatment from rescue workers prior to being taken to Baystate Medical Center. He reportedly died at the hospital and the nature of his fatal injuries was not made known.

There was no report of intoxication for either of the parties.

If the westbound vehicle is shown to be at fault for causing the accident, the family members or estate of the motorcycle driver could sue to obtain wrongful death compensation for their loss.

The automobile driver may also be subject to criminal charges if it is determined that he or she broke the law and caused an accident with injury. No criminal charges have been filed, although the Wilbraham police are said to be investigating the accident.

Source: The Republican, “Wilbraham police investigating fatal motorcycle accident,” Lori Stabile, April 21, 2012


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