Fatal motorcycle crash in Massachusetts

The hot summer weather brings more and more motorcycle drivers to Massachusetts’ roads. Even when they take every safety precaution, these drivers are especially vulnerable to suffering from catastrophic injuries and even death when a negligent driver crosses their path.

This past weekend, a Massachusetts man who was driving a motorcycle was killed and his passenger was airlifted to a Boston hospital. She was listed in critical condition following the motorcycle accident.

It does not appear at this time that alcohol or drugs were a factor, however, a full police investigation of this accident is currently being conducted as a death resulted from this negligent and careless act.

The man driving the van that collided with the motorcycle was issued citations for negligent driving and for failure to yield. He has also been charged with motor vehicle homicide and is scheduled to be arraigned in criminal court on those charges.

The surviving family members of the man that was the victim of this fatal motorcycle crash may be entitled to seek compensation in a civil action for wrongful death due to the possible negligence of the driver of the van.

Similarly, the woman airlifted to the hospital may be entitled to seek compensation for pain and suffering caused by this negligent driver, as well as compensation for all past, present and future medical expenses she may incur as a result of this unfortunate accident. She may also be entitled to other additional damages as well, depending on the results of the investigation.

For individuals involved in an accident, it is important to ascertain what one’s rights are and what, if any, damages are available.

Source: Masslive.com, Motorcyclist dies, passenger hurt in Mass. crash, June 25, 2012


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