Tragic head-on collision in Enfield causes two deaths

A horrific head-on collision recently occurred in Enfield, Massachusetts, and both female drivers, ages 58 and 76, were pronounced dead shortly following the crash. The car accident occurred on Route 5 when one car was traveling north and crossed the double yellow line and hit the other driver head on, according to the police sergeant leading the accident investigation. Both drivers were trapped in their cars following the accident

Police are still conducting an investigation to determine which driver was going north and why they veered into the other driver’s lane. It does not appear at this time that alcohol or drugs were a factor, however, a full police investigation of this accident is currently being conducted as two deaths resulted from this negligent and careless act.

A driver or passenger who is involved in a car accident due to another’s negligence is entitled to seek damages, including compensation from the negligent driver for pain and suffering, reimbursement for medical expenses and compensation for lost wages.

The surviving family members of the woman that was the victim of this car crash may be entitled to seek compensation in a civil action for wrongful death due to the possible negligence of the driver that crossed over the yellow lines and hit her head on. In this type of action, damages for pain and suffering caused by this negligent driver, as well as compensation for all past medical expenses and loss of future earnings can be recovered in such an action. The immediate family members of this victim may also be entitled to other additional damages depending on the results of the investigation.

Source:, “Laurie Angilly of Enfield, Davetta Curtiss of Suffield identified as victims in Enfield crash,” Jeanette DeForge, Sept. 3, 2012


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