Massachusetts doctor charged with DUI in car wreck

A Wellesley emergency room doctor was recently involved in a car crash that left a 78-year-old with numerous injuries. According to reports, the doctor appears to have been under the influence of prescription drugs, which were found in her possession at the time of the accident. The doctor who won a prestigious “doctor of the year” award in 2009 has now been charged with DUI.

Video taken at the time of the car wreck shows the vehicle she was driving barreled out of a grocery store, over a median, and then went through the air before crashing into the car driven by the accident victim. The victim was transported to Newton-Wellesley Hospital, the same hospital that employs the doctor. He is reported to have suffered two cracked ribs and a hematoma on his leg.

All accident victims may have a claim to compensation for their injuries, but victims of a drunk driving accident or an accident where an individual was under the influence of drugs may have additional compensation available to them. These accidents can be particularly tragic due to the dangerous and erratic manner in which someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol often drives.

In cases such as this, the victim and their family may be entitled to seek damages from the driver. These damages could include reimbursement for the victim’s medical treatment, future medical treatment, lost wages, loss of future wages and compensation for pain and suffering. The negligent driver would also be responsible for any property damage incurred to the other vehicle.

Source:, “Doctor of the Year’ Arrested on DUI Charges After Crash,” Erin McLaughlin, Nov. 14, 2012


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