Wife of Massachusetts congressman in car crash

Massachusetts Congressman John Tierney’s wife was hospitalized following a harrowing car accident that occurred in Danvers recently. The car crash occurred in the morning near the intersection of Centre and Hobart streets when a sports utility vehicle rear-ended Mrs. Tierney’s vehicle, a Volkswagen Bug. According to the report, there was significant impact resulting from this car collision.

Due to the nature of the crash and the damages sustained to the cars in the accident, it was feared that the congressman’s wife had suffered serious injuries. Authorities transported her to Beverly Hospital, where hospital personnel treated and eventually released her. However, she is reportedly still experiencing quite a lot of pain from her injuries. It is certainly conceivable that she may need additional follow-up medical care based on the nature of the crash and the impact involved.

Representative Tierney abruptly cancelled some campaigning events when he received news of the accident in order to attend to his wife. Many times, accidents such as this one can occur due to distracted or careless driving, texting while driving or talking on a cell-phone while driving. When a car is rear-ended in a case like this, it is generally presumed that the driver who hit the other vehicle from behind was negligent.

In cases such as this, the victim and his or her family may be entitled to seek damage from the driver, which could include reimbursement for the victim’s medical treatment, future medical treatment, lost wages, loss of future wages and compensation for pain and suffering. The negligent driver would also be responsible for any property damage incurred to the other vehicle.

Source: Bostonherald.com, “Tierney’s wife injured in car crash,” Joe Battenfeld, Laurel J. Sweet, and Chris Cassidy, Oct. 23, 2012


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