Officer struck by car in Forest Park suffers serious injuries

Burlington police officers have inherently dangerous jobs, and are prone to suffering serious injuries while working. Such was the case in an unfortunate accident that occurred recently in Forest Park, Massachusetts.

A city police officer that was directing traffic at Sumner Avenue and Oakland Street was recently hit by a car that was reportedly traveling 35 mph, causing the officer to be thrown onto the windshield of the vehicle. He was sent to Baystate medical center for treatment of a multitude of work related injuries he sustained, as a result of the accident.

According to reports, this officer was very lucky to make it out of this accident alive. Another officer was struck and killed in the Springfield area, while directing traffic nearly one year ago. An investigation into the accident is continuing, but there are strong indications that the driver of the vehicle will be charged with a number of citations.

The officer reportedly suffered a concussion, a dislocated ankle and neck and back injuries. His recovery is expected to be lengthy, and he may be unable to return to work for quite a while.

Fortunately, whether the driver is negligent or not, this injured officer may be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. In Massachusetts, this means that he may be entitled to receive reimbursement for all medical expenses incurred, as a result of the accident, in addition to ongoing medical treatment for all of his injuries, as long as he needs it. He may also receive monetary benefits while he is unable to work due to his injuries. Additionally, he may be entitled to additional benefits, if he is left with a permanent disability or impairment as a result of this accident.

Source: The Republican, “Springfield police officer Adam Rodriguez injured, ‘lucky to be alive,’ when struck by car while directing traffic,” May 7, 2013.


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