Most construction site injuries caused by falls

Despite significant improvements in workplace safety workplace accidents continue to be an all too common occurrence at worksites in Massachusetts and all throughout the United States. One industry in particular that has a high rate of work-related injuries is the construction industry. According to the United States Department of Labor and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, falls account for the most number of injured workers and workplace fatalities in the construction industry each year.

A Massachusetts construction worker working in Winchester fell nearly one dozen feet from the roof of a home the other week. The accident was fortunately not fatal, but the man did sustain a serious head injury. According to police, the man was working on the siding and roof of a home, attempting to make a cut in an existing window. The worker apparently attempted to reposition himself when he lost his balance and fell onto a stone patio.

Local area firefighters and paramedics initial attended to the man at the scene before transporting him to Massachusetts General Hospital. According to the police report, the North Billerica man had a bloody nose, a head laceration and was experiencing pain in his lower extremities when emergency personal arrived. To ensure that additional trauma did not occur, emergency personal place him in a cervical collar and secured him to a backboard before he was transported to the hospital for further assistance.

Anyone injured on the job has a right to collect compensation. In most cases, injured workers can recover benefits through their employers workers’ compensation insurance program. These benefits are intended to compensate injured workers pay for their medical expenses, lost wages and more. If someone has a work-related injury, it is vital they contact a Massachusetts workers’ compensation attorney immediately. In most workers’ compensation cases, time, and procedure, is of the essence to recover benefits.

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