Truck driver’s failure to yield causes motorcyclist’s death

Riding a motorcycle can be a fun, relaxing experience. The bike’s small size, however, makes their riders susceptible to serious injuries or death when an accident occurs. When there is a failure to yield on the part of another driver, or a lack of motorcycle awareness, these incidents can happen in the blink of an eye. One of these tragic accidents occurred recently in Bridgewater, surely leaving a family and the community shocked.

The accident occurred when a fuel truck apparently slammed into the motorcycle, pinning the bike’s rider under the truck. The rider was killed. The truck driver, who appears to have had a history of drunk driving, was arrested for driving without an interlock device, driving without a license and failing to yield. Criminal charges may bring the deceased’s family a sense of justice, but it does nothing to help ease their financial pain.

When a Motorcycle accident rips a loved one away, the last thing the family wants to think about is money and paying bills. But unfortunately, expenses related to the accident and wages lost by the deceased’s passing may leave the family in a financial bind. In their time of need, these families can turn to an attorney to help them obtain the compensation they need and deserve.

Filing a lawsuit based on a fatal motorcycle accident requires the deceased’s family to establish negligence on the other driver’s behalf. If this aspect can be proven to have caused the lost loved one’s death, then compensation may be obtained to help cover medical expenses, funeral costs, pain and suffering, and lost wages. In a case where the distracted driver was employed at the time of the accident, recoveries may also be obtained from the driver’s employer.

A negligent driver should pay for the harm he has caused to a motorcycle accident victim and his family. Filing a lawsuit may be the only way to obtain much needed money while at the same time punishing inattentive drivers and negligent employers. An experienced attorney can help surviving family members develop a strategy that will enable them to find true justice.

Source: Enterprise News, “Truck driver charged after West Bridgewater crash kills Easton motorcyclist,” Erin Shannon and Jennifer Bray, Jun. 23, 2013


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