40-foot fall leaves MA construction worker injured

Every day, workers place themselves at risk of injury. It is a necessary evil, as these individuals need a paycheck and most work environments are inherently dangerous. Construction workers must be near speeding vehicles and builders must go to great heights. For this reason, workplace safety should be the number one concern for all employers. When safety regulations are not abided by, a serious workplace accident may occur that leaves a worker with a severe injury. One such accident occurred recently in Springfield.

There, a construction worker fell from a 40-foot high platform inside of a church he was working on, crashing to the pews and floor below. Reports state the man was rushed to the Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, but his condition is unknown at this time. However, it is very likely this worker will have a long recovery ahead of him.

A work-related injury can cause serious physical, emotional, and financial damage. An injured worker may be left with a permanent disability, a back injury, a neck injury, depression, and anxiety. On top of all this, the worker is likely to be unable to work, making paying for his medical expenses and caring for his family difficult.

Workers’ compensation should step in to help an individual who has been injured on the job, but all too often these claims are denied by employers or their insurance. When this happens, a worker should find an attorney who will aggressively fight for the money the worker needs and deserves.

To win a workers’ compensation claim, the victim must prove the accident occurred while within the scope of employment and that injuries resulted from that accident. Once these elements are satisfied, the worker may obtain compensation to help alleviate medical expenses and lost wages.

Many times, workers sacrifice their safety for their employer’s benefit. When unsafe working conditions lead to an injurious accident, the employer and its insurance should take care of the injured worker. If they are unwilling to step to the plate, an experienced attorney will try to force them to abide by their obligations.

Source: The Republican, “Construction worker injured at First Church of Monson,” Lori Stabile, Aug. 1, 2013


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