Two injured when car turns in front of MA motorcyclist

Riding a motorcycle this time of year is supposed to be relaxing and fun. Unfortunately, a lack of motorcycle awareness often places motorcyclists in real danger of being involved in a serious Motorcycle accident. When this happens, serious injuries or death can result. Even a seemingly minor bump can be deadly to a motorcyclist. Unfortunately, one Massachusetts man is fighting for his life after such an accident.

A volunteer firefighter and his wife were riding their motorcycle when a car turned out in front of them. Unable to stop, the couple struck the side of the car and they were thrown from the bike. The man, who was driving the motorcycle, was flown to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. His wife was also taken to the hospital with serious, but non-life-threatening injuries. Though the accident investigation continues, these individuals will forever be affected by this wreck.

The injuries sustained in an accident are numerous and varying. Physically, a motorcycle accident victim may suffer a head injury, a neck injury, or broken bones, and may be left permanently disabled. These injuries may prevent the victim from living her everyday life, thus throwing her into depression. To further exacerbate the physical and emotional pain, these individuals must cope with the financial realities of the accident. Medical care and rehabilitative therapy can be costly, and an injured individual who is unable to work may have difficulty paying for it all.

To alleviate the financial strains thrust upon these individuals, an attorney can help them file a lawsuit against the negligent driver who harmed them. After gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses, an attorney can develop a case that proves negligence and causation, thus drastically increasing the likelihood the victim will obtain compensation for her injuries.

Awards received from a successful lawsuit may be used to pay off medical expenses, cover lost wages, and alleviate pain and suffering resulting from the crash. In addition, a successful lawsuit serves to punish a distracted driver and raises awareness of the vulnerability of motorcycle riders. Perhaps then future drivers will be more attentive and the road will be safer for bikers.

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