Worker injured on the job when he falls from scaffolding

Working on the roadways can be extremely dangerous. Cars pass by at a high rate of speed and machinery operates at close proximity. A seemingly minor mistake can turn into a devastating accident in a matter of moments. The injuries sustained from such accidents can make life very difficult. The victim may be unable to work and therefore cannot pay his medical expenses or other bills. Such a financial hardship can also take a financial toll. One Massachusetts worker may be facing this situation now.

A construction worker who was working on I-91 was injured when he fell from scaffolding. Though he was caught by netting below, the worker was taken to the hospital with injuries. The cause of the accident is unknown at this time. Authorities speculate the man may have had a medical episode at the time of the fall, but no one knows for sure at this time.

A work-related injury that occurs within the victim’s scope of employment should be compensated. Employers hold insurance to take care of their workers who are injured on the job, yet, quite often these Workers’ compensation claims are denied for various reasons. When this happens, the individual who was injured on the job should seek legal advice.

With a lawyer by his side, an injured worker can argue he deserves compensation for his lost wages and medical expenses. To reach these awards, the attorney will help the victim establish the mishap was an accident, perhaps caused by unsafe working conditions, which occurred while the victim was acting within his employment role. If this is proven and the accident caused the victim’s injuries, then awards may be obtained.

Employers should take care of their employees when those employees are injured on the job. When they refuse to do so, a competent attorney can help an injured worker hold them to their duty.

Source: ABC 40, “Construction Worker Falls Off Scaffolding on I-91,” Aug. 23, 2013


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