MA motorcycle accident leaves rider seriously injured

Massachusetts drivers should be more aware of motorcyclists. Taking the extra moment to ensure a motorcycle is not coming before making a turn can save a life or at least prevent serious injuries. Yet, either because drivers do not see the motorcyclists or because they improperly gauge their oncoming speed, motorcycle accidents occur all the time.

A recent Massachusetts Motorcycle accident occurred when there was an apparent failure to yield on behalf of a pick-up truck driver. The wreck took place during rush hour when the truck attempted to turn left onto the roadway, causing the oncoming motorcycle to collide with it. The motorcyclist was seriously injured. Though police state an investigation into the cause of the accident is ongoing, these types of incidents often involve a negligent driver who caused the accident because of his motorcycle unawareness.

A motorcycle accident victim has a long road to recovery. There are physical rehabilitations that must be completed and the rider may never be the same emotionally. The wreck may take away the joy he once had riding his motorcycle and replace it with perpetual fear. In addition, the rider may have to miss work, thus losing much needed income. When all this seems overwhelming, an attorney can step in to try to help ease the strain.

An attorney can help the victim file a lawsuit against the distracted driver in an attempt to recover damages suffered as a result of his personal injuries. These harms can be economic in nature, such as lost wages and medical expenses, or non-economic in nature, such as pain and suffering. Together, the attorney and the victim can develop an argument that seeks to prove the other driver was negligent. Establishing the driver was speeding, intoxicated, or inattentive may satisfy this requirement. If the negligence caused the wreck which resulted in the victim’s injuries, then compensation may be obtained for both economic and non-economic harms.

Motorcyclists are amongst the most vulnerable on the road. For this reason, other motorists should be especially attentive and be on the lookout for motorcycles. When motorists fail to do this, they should be held accountable for their actions and punished so they are a safer driver in the future.

Source: North Andover Patch, “Motorcyclist Seriously Injured in 125 Crash,” Bryan McGonigle, Aug. 29, 2013


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