Massachusetts woman’s flesh-eating bacteria lawsuit settled

The birth of a child is supposed to be a time of happiness and excitement. When medical professionals conduct their duties appropriately, it usually is for mothers. However, birth is a delicate procedure that requires constant monitoring and a close examination of the expecting mother’s medical history. Failing to perform any of their duties in accordance with the standard of care, doctors and nurses can cause life-altering injuries to the expecting mother or the baby.

An Ayers woman knows this all too well. In 2007, the woman gave birth by C-section, but was improperly monitored and doctors failed to examine her wound. As a result, the woman contracted flesh-eating bacteria. To save her life, the woman had to have both of her legs amputated as well as both of her arms up to the elbows. The mother also had to have some internal organs removed and has had more than 40 surgeries as a result of the infection. Recently, the woman’s Medical malpractice case was settled for several millions of dollars which will help cover medical expenses and establish trusts for her daughters that were born during the birth that was in question.

As can be seen by this case, medical professional negligence can be extremely dangerous and can leave victims forever changed. The physical pain and emotional harm caused by medical malpractice can render everyday tasks impossible. Additionally, the cost of medical care can be overwhelming and may leave the victim and her family in a dire financial situation. To find help remedying these problems, a medical malpractice victim should consult with an attorney.

An attorney can sit with a victim and help her understand the medical malpractice lawsuit process. If the decision is made to proceed on a claim, the attorney will gather evidence, interview witnesses, and assess whether the standard of care was breached, resulting in the victim’s injuries. Pretrial negotiations and in court arguments may also come into play, and an experienced attorney will approach these areas aggressively. Then, hopefully, the victim can obtain the compensation she needs to cover medical expenses and other economic and non-economic losses.

Source:, “Ayer woman settles flesh-eating bacteria lawsuit,” Sep. 6, 2013


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