Appendicitis misdiagnosis leads to Medical malpractice lawsuit

Treating a medical condition effectively is dependent upon accurately diagnosing that condition. If the condition is identified quickly and accurately, then a doctor can prescribe appropriate medication, conduct necessary operations, and offer any other beneficial treatment. However, when a doctor misdiagnoses a condition or there is a delay in a diagnosis, the results can be tragic for the patient.

One boy may know how harmful these instances can be after his appendicitis was misdiagnosed as gastroenteritis. The boy, who was taken to the hospital by his father, was sent home with the diagnosis. Not long after, the boy’s appendix ruptured, requiring multiple operations and the removal of part of his intestinal tract. The boy’s father has since filed a lawsuit against the hospital and the doctor who allegedly misdiagnosed his son.

Negligence on the part of a medical professional can cause irreversible damage. Those harmed by Medical malpractice may be left with a lifetime of pain, disabled, and/or unable to do the things they once loved. The medical condition they have may get worse, as in the case mentioned above, and in some instances the mistake is fatal. In addition to the obvious physical pain and emotional turmoil caused by hospital negligence, it can also hit a victim’s pocket book by piling massive medical bills at his feet during a time when he may be unable to work.

A medical malpractice attorney can help a victim seek compensation for his personal injury. First, the attorney may try to negotiate with the negligent doctor and the hospital at which he works in order to reach a fair resolution without having to go through a trial. If negotiations are not possible or are fruitless, then the attorney can aggressively represent the victim in court and fight to prove the doctor’s negligence.

A winning case may allow not only recovery of compensation for medical expenses related to the worsened medical condition, pain and suffering, and lost wages, but it may also serve an important social purpose. A successful medical malpractice case helps keep medical professionals in check by punishing them for unsafe practices. This, hopefully, will force them to take more precautions in the future to ensure the safety of their patients.

Source: The Beacon-News, “Lawsuit: Doctor misdiagnosed appendicitis,” Janet Lundquist, Oct. 25, 2013


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