Construction workers operate in an environment full of dangers. Large machinery, passing vehicles, and heights can all lead to accidents that cause serious injuries or death. Though safety regulations and laws serve to protect workers, workplace place injuries continue to occur. When a work-related injury leaves an individual unable to work and facing a hard medical recovery, Workers’ compensation may play an important part in making his recovery and his life easier.

One worker in New Jersey was recently injured while working construction and, though the incident happened outside of Massachusetts, Massachusetts residents should be aware these incidents happen everywhere. In the accident, a worker who was operating in the median was severely injured when a chop saw bounced back and cut into the man’s chest. Luckily, a state trooper quickly arrived at the scene and applied a clotting product that stemmed the bleeding and stabilized the injured individual. Though the worker is fortunate to be alive, he may have a long recovery ahead of him.

An individual harmed on the job, like the one in this instance, may fall on difficult physical and financial times as a result of the accident. On top of the pain caused by the injury, the worker’s lost wages may make it impossible to pay medical expenses, house payments, and other debts. These strains can cause extreme stress and depression, leaving the injured worker feeling hopeless.

Fortunately, workers’ compensation should lend a helping hand. Yet, employers and their insurance often attempt to find a way to dodge having to pay out a claim. When this happens, the worker should seek legal assistance in an attempt to obtain the compensation he needs and deserves. An experienced Massachusetts workers’ compensation lawyer can help try to establish the accident was truly an accident that occurred while within the scope of employment. The attorney may also attempt to show unsafe working conditions that attributed to the accident.

Those who bravely put their safety on the line to better our society should be taken care of when they are injured. When an employer and its insurance fail to do so, an aggressive attorney will fight in an attempt to ensure the right outcome is reached.

Source: The Star-Ledger, “State trooper aids construction worker injured by chop saw on Garden State Parkway,” Erin O’Neill, Sep. 25, 2013