MA tree worker seriously injured when harness fails

Many employers have implemented safety procedures to help ensure their workers are protected from the risks of their job. When an accident does occur and a worker is injured on the job, the employer should still seek to take care of that employee. This means forwarding Workers’ compensation claims to its insurance provider so that benefits can be paid to the worker, helping ensure a full recovery. If an employer or its insurance fails to accept a claim, then an attorney should be sought.

One Massachusetts man may have to deal with this situation after he was hurt on the job. The man, who works for a local tree removal company, was 30 to 40 feet in the air when his harness failed and he fell to the ground. Reports indicate the man suffered severe traumatic injuries. OSHA was contacted to investigate the accident, but the government shutdown has left it unable to do so.

This man’s injuries may be varying and wide-ranging. Not only will he likely face physical injuries, but he may also be dealt a financial blow. Medical expenses can quickly rack up and may be difficult to pay, especially when the victim is unable to work. It is for these reasons that workers’ compensation is so important to one suffering from a work-related injury.

If that claim is denied, a passionate workers’ compensation attorney will fight for the injured worker’s rights. To obtaining compensation for the worker, the attorney must successfully show the injury occurred while within the scope of employment, the injury was not in existence prior to the accident, and the extent of the injury. The attorney will pore over accident reports, witness accounts, and the injured worker’s statements to craft a compelling legal argument.

A worker who is injured on the job needs and deserves to be taken care of by his employer and its insurance. When this happens, the worker will be compensated for medical care and lost wages. Then the worker con focus on recovering his physical health and getting back to work.

Source: The Scituate Mariner, “Scituate man seriously injured in fall from tree in Cohasset,” Marry Ford, Oct. 2, 2013


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