OSHA fines Holliston employer for unsafe working conditions

Almost every job poses safety risks. Yet, a prudent and diligent employer can minimize or even eliminate these risks by following established safety protocols and further encouraging a safe work environment. All too often, though, employers fail to adhere to these safe practices. When safety standards are not upheld, all workers are put at risk of being injured on the job. Fortunately, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, known as OSHA, inspects work environments to ensure they are safe and thus protect workers.

One Massachusetts employer, Rypos, was recently fined by OSHA for unsafe working conditions. Amongst the violations were failing to check for workplace hazards, keeping a forklift too near ramp edges, platforms, and elevated docks, and for failing to properly inspect the company forklift. According to OSHA, industrial trucks, including forklifts, should be inspected at least once per day. Though these violations did not lead to any injuries, they very easily could have.

When a safety violation does result in a work-related injury, the employee may be left in a very difficult situation. He may suffer excruciating pain, incur expensive medical bills, and be rendered incapable of working. When this is the case, many injured workers apply for Workers’ compensation. These benefits often help cover lost wages and medical expenses, enabling the worker to live life while focusing on getting on his feet and back to work.

Yet, sometimes workers’ compensation claims are denied. If a worker receives a claim denial, he should consider challenging it. A Massachusetts attorney can assist in the challenge and can lay out the process for doing so. Also, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney will gather all necessary evidence, such as accident reports, medical accounts, witness statements, and the injured individual’s story, in an effort to reach the most favorable outcome possible.

When a worker has lost so much, he needs someone who will fight for his rights and the compensation he needs and deserves. A well-respected Massachusetts attorney can be that ally and will do everything in his or her power to protect the worker who put his life on the line for his employer.

Source: The MetroWest Daily News, “Holliston company fined for safety hazards,” Laura Krantz, Nov. 1, 2013


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