Massachusetts gas station worker injured when struck by car

Many times on this blog when we discuss workplace accidents, we often discuss those involving unsafe working conditions, including improperly maintained machinery, failed implementation of safety measures, and poor employee safety training. While these situations are quite serious and deserve adequate attention, there are other types of accidents that could leave one injured on the job. They are accidents caused by someone outside of the business that leave an employee injured.

To highlight these types of accidents, one need only look to a recent wreck at a Massachusetts gas station. There, a worker was injured when he was struck by a car. The incident, which was caught on video, occurred when an 83-year-old driver meant to stop, but instead hit the gas pedal. After striking the worker, the car slammed into a gas pump, causing a fire. The worker was thrown 30 feet. Though the extent of the worker’s injuries is unclear at this time, he may be left with medical bills and an inability to work.

Individuals who suffer a work-related injury oftentimes have difficulty making ends meet after the incident. Medical expenses may quickly pile up and, with an inability to work the employee may be living without a wage. Without help, these individuals may be left broke, stressed and hopeless.

Luckily, these individuals can seek help in the form of a workers’ compensation claim. This compensation can help cover lost wages and medical expenses, thereby freeing the worker from undeserved financial obligations and allowing him or her to focus on recovering his or her health.

The good news is that obtaining workers’ compensation does not require showing negligence. Instead, an injured employee may be entitled to compensation if he or she suffered an injury in the scope of and arising out of his or her employment. The bad news is the workers’ compensation claim process can be complicated, especially when a claim is denied. Massachusetts workers who find themselves in this situation should consider seeking legal assistance in an attempt to get the denial overturned.

Source: ABC 40, “Worker Injured in Fiery Crash at Mass. Gas Station,” Jan. 7, 2014


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