Lawsuit: Doctor negligence caused baby’s death, mother’s injuries

The time when a mother welcomes her new baby into the world is supposed to be filled with excitement and happiness. Unfortunately, though, doctors sometimes make mistakes that can turn those moments into horrifying nightmares. A doctor or hospital error can leave a child permanently disabled or dead, and a mother may face a similar fate. With lives on the line, it is important for medical malpractice victims to hold negligent medical professionals accountable for their actions in order to protect future patients.

One mother recently filed a lawsuit against medical personnel and their hospitals after they allegedly caused the death of her baby and injuries to her. The woman, who was six and a half months pregnant at the time, went to the hospital when she developed signs of early labor. Initial tests indicated the baby was fine, but electronic fetal monitoring was later suspended. This, in addition to a doctor’s failure to give the woman a drug that would delay her labor, is alleged to have caused the death of the woman’s baby, who died immediately upon birth. The woman also claims a T-incision used during her emergency C-section left her disfigured and with increased risks associated with future pregnancies.

Medical negligence like this should not be tolerated. In order to hold these professionals liable for the harm they cause, victims must file a medical malpractice lawsuit. Winning such a case may bring the victim compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages. Additionally, a successful claim may deter such actions from occurring again, thereby protecting future patients.

Certain legal elements must be shown in order for a victim to recover compensation. Since these claims often deal with complex legal issues, medical expertise and character determinations, a victim might be better off seeking help from a qualified legal professional. A Massachusetts attorney with years of experience handling these types of cases may be invaluable by providing a victim with the representation he or she deserves.

Source: The Oregonian, “Death of baby born at 6 ½ months spurs $1.9 million lawsuit against Seaside doctor,” Aimee Green, Mar. 4, 2014


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