Woman wins tummy tuck medical malpractice case

Medical malpractice changes lives. One woman, who was once able to run her own business and exercise daily, now struggles handling everyday tasks and has lost her company all due to medical malpractice. The mishap occurred after the woman underwent an abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, when her wound developed painful burning, clots and drainage. Though her surgeon cleaned the area and prescribed medication, he failed to refer the woman to the appropriate specialist, even though she had asked him to on numerous occasions.

In fact, it was not until eight weeks later, when she went to the emergency room at another hospital, that the woman was given proper care. Though the woman filed and won a lawsuit against her doctor, her condition still plagues her. Her wound still opens from time-to-time, she has deformation in the area, and she must continue to see a doctor regularly in addition to continuing to take medication.

One who has been left with a worsened medical condition due to a medical professional’s negligence should consider filing a medical malpractice lawsuit against those responsible for the harm. An attorney can bring experience, passion and a loud legal voice to help the victim seek to either reach a settlement or win his or her case at trial.

A successful case can bring a victim relief in many ways. If compensation is obtained, then the victim may be able to recoup any wages lost due to missed work, he or she may be able to afford medical expenses, and his or her life might be made more comfortable, thereby easing pain and suffering. Additionally, these lawsuits often help victims find closure and put their minds at ease that the wrongdoing which left them injured was punished accordingly.

Source: MLive.com, “Jury awards Jackson woman $1.3 million in medical malpractice case,” Danielle Salisbury, Feb. 24, 2014


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