Massachusetts man seriously injured in motorcycle accident

Coming out of winter, a time when very few, if any motorcycles on the road, motorists may neglect to be aware of motorcyclists. This can be a tragic, even fatal error. Those injured in a motorcycle accident may be left permanently disabled, unable to work, and unable to care for their family. Those who lose a loved one in a fatal motorcycle crash may be left with emotional devastation and without stable income. In both cases, the damages can be great.

A Massachusetts motorcyclist may be left with significant losses after being seriously injured in an accident. Reports indicate that the motorcyclist was traveling down the road when a car pulled out in front of it. The accident remains under investigation and the victim’s current condition is unknown.

A motorcycle accident victim might become overly stressed when trying to cope with his or her physical, emotional, and financial losses. He or she may be unable to partake in activities he or she once loved and medical expenses and lost wages may make life emotionally difficult to handle. These victims need all the help they can get, and they might find a powerful ally in the form of a Massachusetts attorney.

An attorney can help victims file a lawsuit against a negligent driver in hopes of recovering damages. Evidence and witness testimony may be used to attempt to show negligence, which may include a driver’s failure to yield, speeding, or intoxication. If successful and liability is imposed on the errant driver, then a victim may be awarded the financial resources he or she needs to pay for medical care, recoup lost wages, and ease pain and suffering. This will hopefully leave the victim in a position to recover his or her health and get back on his or her feet with financial stability.

Source: Telegram & Gazette, “Motorcyclist hurt in crash on Route 20 in Sturbridge,” Steven H. Foskett Jr., May 7, 2014


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