Massachusetts workers injured while renovating bridge

We all see road construction underway this time of year, but not everyone recognizes just how dangerous this work can be for those who choose it as a profession. These individuals are often exposed to speeding vehicles, hot, heavy and pinching machinery, and substantial heights. Though rules and regulations are in place in an effort to keep these workers safe, workplace accidents still occur. If an individual is injured on the job, then he or she may have a difficult time ahead of him or her.

This may be true for two Massachusetts workers after being injured while renovating the Longfellow Bridge in Boston. Reports indicate the two employees were within one of the bridge’s stanchions, at a depth of 35 feet, when chutes used to pour concrete failed, sending debris falling onto the workers. Emergency personnel were able to lift them out of the stanchion and they were taken to the hospital with what were described as nonlife-threatening injuries.

Though these workers may be lucky to escape with their lives, they are unfortunate in that they may have to deal with physical pain at a time when unexpected medical bills will arise and work will be missed. Such a scenario may make it difficult for an individual to make ends meet, which might leave him or her wondering how to put food on the table.

An individual, who suffers a work-related injury whether because of unsafe working conditions or an accident that occurred within his or her scope of employment, can file for workers’ compensation. If approved, a claim can bring an injured worker compensation to help cover his or her lost wages and medical expense. The process, however, can be frustratingly complex, where it seems like the system is against the victim. For this reason, it may be best to obtain the help of an attorney who can represent a worker’s best interests.

Source: WCVB TV, “Construction workers injured on Longfellow Bridge,” June 2, 2014


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