Wrong kidney removed in surgery, medical malpractice suit filed

Those who are scared to go under the knife certainly are not alone. Many Massachusetts residents may fear that a doctor’s scalpel will slip, the wrong limb will be operated on, or the surgery will be unsuccessful. Sadly, these fears are well-founded. Medical malpractice is an unfortunate, common occurrence throughout the state and the country. Those who are injured by a medical professional’s negligence should consider taking immediate legal action.

One man has done just that after a botched surgery resulted in the removal of a healthy kidney. The man, who suffered from cancer on his kidney, thought he had dodged a bullet when the disease was caught early and he had the opportunity to have the ill-fated kidney removed. However, a CT scan was improperly read by his doctor and the wrong kidney, the healthy one, was removed. A portion of his cancerous kidney was later removed. The victim now faces an uncertain future that may include a kidney transplant and dialysis. He now seeks more than $1 million in damages he suffered as a result of the mishap.

Instances like this should never occur. These types of mistakes can leave a victim disfigured, permanently disabled, infected, or dead. Those who are fortunate enough to survive medical malpractice should consider taking legal action in an attempt to deter such negligence from occurring in the future and to attempt to recover compensation. Recovering awards from a negligent doctor, nurse, and/or hospital may allow a victim to receive the best medical care possible, pay off medical expenses, and recover lost wages. Families that lose a loved one to medical malpractice may be able to recoup similar damages.

These types of lawsuits can be hotly contested. By acquiring the assistance of an aggressive, driven attorney, victims can rest assured that their case is in safe hands.

Source: The Star-Telegram, “Arlington family files malpractice suit after wrong kidney removed,” Elizabeth Campbell, June 12, 2014


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