Truck accident leaves Boston woman with serious injuries

People who think of truck accidents often conjure images of a tractor trailer colliding with a car on a highway or interstate. Though these types of wrecks are far too common and can leave unsuspecting motorists severely injured, they are not the only type of truck accident. Pedestrians, too, are often at risk of being struck by these massive vehicles, and, without much protection, they are in danger of suffering serious injuries or death.

Unfortunately, a Massachusetts woman was recently subjected to such a wreck in Boston. There, the woman was riding her bike down the street near a construction zone when a truck tried to make a right turn and hit her, crushing her right leg. The victim was taken to the hospital where she underwent surgery. Thankfully, her boyfriend said that she will be okay.

An individual who is injured in a collision with a truck can suffer extreme loss in a variety of ways. The victim may be unable to physically function normally, he or she may become afraid of semi-trucks, and he or she can lose a substantial amount of money due to medical care and rehabilitation costs as well as lost wages caused by missed work. At a time when a victim wants justice and needs money, a personal injury lawsuit may be in his or her best interest.

When a lawsuit arises out of a truck accident a victim can seek to hold many parties responsible for his or her injuries. The truck’s driver, of course, may be found to be at fault, but his or her employer, the truck company, and/or the truck’s owner may also be found liable. This is because employers are responsible for the acts of their employees. Therefore, if a truck driver is found to be negligent, then that negligence may also be imputed to the company that hired him or her. By aggressively seeking to show negligence, an accident victim may be able to find justice and acquire the compensation needed to get the best medical care possible.

Source: Boston Magazine, “Cyclist Hit By Truck On Mass. Ave.,” Steve Annear, July 8, 2014


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