Doctor admits error, but hospital denies medical malpractice

When Massachusetts residents are hurt by their doctor or a nurse, they usually at least want an apology. While one might think that an apology is an admission of guilt, the medical professional’s employer, the hospital, might think otherwise.

This is what has happened in one medical malpractice revolving around a 74-year-old woman’s death. The incident happened when a Tufts medical Center doctor accidentally injected the woman with the wrong dye during what was supposed to be a relatively routine implantable pain pump operation. The neurosurgeon who made the mistake immediately admitted his mistake to the woman’s two sons.

However, shortly thereafter, the deceased’s two sons received letters from the hospital denying any negligence on the doctor’s part. This case is a little tricky because Massachusetts has implemented a pilot program in several hospitals that allows doctors to give an apology and encourages early settlement. While the outcome of this case is uncertain for now, one this is known: the victim’s two sons have suffered irreparable harm.

Those who lose a loved one to medical malpractice have a lot with which to cope. They may be left without the love and emotional support of a close family member, the financial support, and they may be forced to pay medical expenses and funeral costs. When these losses threaten to overwhelm an individual, he or she can seek help from an experienced medical malpractice attorney. After assessing the facts, analyzing the law, and gathering evidence, a Massachusetts attorney may be able to put forth a case that allows a surviving family member to recover the compensation he or she needs to find emotional and financial relief.

Source: Outpatient Surgery Magazine, “Surgeon Admitted Fatal Mistake, But Hospital Fights Charge,” Jim Burger, Sept. 4, 2014


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