If you’ve been injured by a semi-truck, we can fight for you

Last week’s blog post discussed the qualifications needed for an individual to receive a Commercial Driver’s License, or CDL. Though being properly trained and possessing the proper credentials renders one capable of operating a semi-truck on the road, it does not prevent a truck driver from being negligent or reckless behind the wheel. A trucker may push himself or herself too hard and become fatigued, putting other motorists at risk, or a trucker may be intoxicated or inattentive, increasing the chances of a serious accident.

Unfortunately, many Massachusetts residents know the risk of a truck accident all too well. If you have been injured in a tractor trailer crash, then you know the physical, emotional and financial damage that can be caused. These losses, when taken together with the stress and anger of the situation, can become overwhelming. Dealing with the aftermath of a serious truck accident may become too much to handle. In these stressful cases, experienced legal assistance may be of great service.

At a time while you may be physically disabled and outraged at what has befallen you, you might also be suffering from tremendous financial strain. Medical expenses and rehabilitation costs coupled with lost wages can be staggering.

The legal process is rarely easy to get through, particularly when you are dealing with your own pain and suffering. That is why we do everything we can to ensure that the truck driver who harmed you and the truck company for which he or she works is held accountable. We will put forth the strongest evidence available in an attempt to show negligence and the extent of your harm.


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